AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer (NEW Multi Alert Level)
AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer (NEW Multi Alert Level) rating: 4.7 with 250 ratings

AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer (NEW Multi Alert Level)

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AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer (NEW Multi Alert Level)

The AlcoSense Elite just got even better! It can now be set to alert the user at any limit in place in the UK and Ireland, including the new lower Scottish drink drive limit. Winner of What Car? Magazine's Best Breathalyzer under £100.
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer


AlcoSense Elite

The multi-award winning AlcoSense Elite is our flagship semi-conductor sensor breathalyser. Having won the Fifth Gear, What Car? Magazine, Road safety Analysis and Wired Magazine Group Tests it's won more awards than all of our competitors put together.

Easy to Use

AlcoSense™ Elite has been designed to be as easy as possible to use and designed to fit in the palm of your hand. To activate the breathalyser all you do is slide the AlcoSense™ open. Once open it prepares the sensor and the screen will show a count down from 19 to 0, then it will display Blow. When it says blow, blow through the tube for approximately 5 seconds until it beeps.

Scotland, England or both?

On 5th December 2014 Scotland lowered its drink drive limit from 0.80‰BAC (80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood) to 0.50‰BAC (50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood), England, Wales and Northern Ireland stay at 0.80‰BAC. AlcoSense shows you a reading of your alcohol level so you can use the Scottish or English version of the product in either territory. The Scottish version displays a ‘Don’t Drive’ alert from 0.30‰BAC upward and the English/Welsh version from 0.6‰BAC upwards. You can choose which one to purchase in the shopping cart.

You Can’t Get it Wrong!**

AlcoSense Elite uses a revolutionary in built air flow sensor meaning that you can't blow too hard or too softly into the unit. If you blow too hard or too soft you can falsely make other breathalysers read too high or too low respectfully. If you don’t blow at the correct pressure the AlcoSense Elite will display Error on the screen and allow you to re-take the test.

AlcosenseElite slide open

Easy to Understand

The AlcoSense™ unit shows your level of intoxication in either mg/l (milligrams per litre of breath) or ‰ BAC (per-mil blood alcohol content) and shows your reading in increments of 0.01. It will even alert you when you are near or over a pre-set limit, please see the screen shots below.

Screen shots AlcosenseElite

Sleek Design

Pocket sized, it can discretely be kept anywhere. AlcoSense™ measures only 95mm (height) x 34mm (width) x 25mm (depth) when closed. It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included in the pack) meaning that you can use it anywhere at any time.

AlcosenseElite sleek design

Auto Clean Feature

The AlcoSense™ unit automatically performs a sensor clean after every time it is used, helping to keep the sensor in top condition and reading at its most accurate. Without cleaning moisture, oxidisation and contaminants such as tannin can build up, significantly affecting the quality of readings. With AlcoSense™ Elite's automatic sensor clean after every blow test the unit will continue to perform at its best throughout its lifetime.

For a deeper clean AlcoSense™ Elite also has a feature called ASC (Auto Sensor Clean) which is designed to be used every now and again to give the unit a ‘spring clean', again ensuring that the unit reads to the highest levels of accuracy. All you have to do is press a button and your AlcoSense™ Elite unit will do the rest for you.

AlcosenseElite reliable


Using the latest technology and innovations, such as sensor algorithm and automatic sensor maintenance, AlcoSense™ Elite can be used again and again whilst maintaining better accuracy.


Every AlcoSense unit is tested for accuracy three times before leaving our factory. As a result our quality control is arguably the best in the industry meaning that you can have 100% faith in our products. AlcoSense Elite has industry leading accuracy of +/-0.2‰BAC which is unique in this price range.

Why Delay?

Part of the responsible enjoyment of alcohol is to understand its effect on the body and to understand when you are safe to drive, AlcoSense™ helps people do exactly that and takes out the potentially fatal guess work the morning after. Don’t leave it to chance, order yours today.


Additional Information

Suitable for Consumer Use
Awards Diesel Car Group Test Winner, Fifth Gear Group Test Winner, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner, Sunday Post Group Test Winner, Sunday Times Top Tech, What Car? Best Breathalyser Under £100, Wired Group Test Winner
Certified Standard ISO9001
Product Accuracy ±0.20‰BAC over reading range
Sensor Type Premium Semi-Conductor
Sensor Size (sq. mm) N/A
Police Sensor No
Breath Sampling System Basic
Don't Drive Alert When Close to Limit Yes
Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert Level Adjustable - Any UK/Irish/Scottish Limit
Features - Ease of Use Don't Drive Alert When Close to Limit
Features - Accuracy Breath Sampling Sensors, Sensor Purge for Better Accuracy
Unit of Measure mg/L (Breath Alc), ‰BAC (Blood Alc)
Reading Detail Up to 2 decimal places
Max Reading (‰BAC) 1.5
Test Memory None
Screen Size (Diagonal) 28mm
Screen Type Dual Colour LCD
Mouthpiece Type Blow Tubes
Re-Calibration Period 12 Months
Re-Calibration Cost £19.99 inc VAT
Expiry Date No
Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 95 x 45 x 25 mm
Product Weight 103g (Including Batteries)
In The Box 1 Breathalyzer, 3 x AAA Batteries, 5 Blow Tubes, Instruction Manual
Warranty 12 Months
EAN 5060318910120
Media Reviews

Media Reviews

Fifth Gear Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"AlcoSense is incredibly accurate" 
To see the full review including their direct test against rival breathalysers and the Police breathalyser please click play on the video below.





What Car? Magazine Best Breathalyzer Under £100

Last November What Car? Magazine performed one of the most scientific reviews of personal breathalysers ever done by a media company. They tested 8 devices on the market, ranging from £20 to £300 to find if, and how well they work. AlcoSense cleaned up in its price categories!

AlcoSense Elite - Winner – Best Breathalyser under £100.

"The AlcoSense Elite performed well in our tests, giving accurate results throughout. Good performance at a reasonable price."

 Full review can be read here:


Wired Magazine Group Test Winner

In May 2015 Wired Magazine peformed a mini group test with 4 breathalyzers, the Alcosense Elite won both categories for both the Scottish and English Drink Drive Limit.

"The AlcoSense Elite delivered a reading of 0.76 when tested with the 0.80 solution - the closest of any to the Police breathalyzer. Blown through with the 0.50 BAC solution, it returned an exact reading."

Rated 9/10.



Diesel Car Group Test Winner - AlcoSense Elite

In December 2014 Diesel Car Magazine performed a group test of 9 consumer breathalysers, the AlcoSense Elite won the group test with the AlcoSense Lite coming in a close second.

"The prestige breathalyzer, neat and easy to use, very accurate."


 Sunday Post Breathalyzer Group Test WinnersGroup Test Winner

On 7th December 2014 The Sunday Post newspaper performed a group test with 4 consumer breathalyzers pitched head to head against a Lion 500 Police Breathalyzer. The AlcoSense Elite won the group test, with the AlcoSense Lite finishing runner up. At the reference reading of 50mg/100ml of alcohol in blood the AlcoSense Elite exactly matched the Lion 500 Police Breathalyzer.



Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner

In December 2013 Road Safety Analysis Ltd, a not-for-profit road safety research company, performed a head to head test of 7 consumer breathalysers vs a Police issue Lion Breathalyser. The test had two elements, one to test the devices head to head in a ‘street’ real world environment and the second part to test the devices head to head in laboratory conditions using Police grade alcohol simulators. The AlcoSense Lite and Elite were both tested and came out highly recommended, the Elite winning hands down over the competition – even against breathalysers twice the price!

The full test can be read by clicking here:

Alcosense Elite

Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner

"Without a doubt the leader in our street test was the Alcosense Elite. It consistently performed well against the police issue breathalyser, giving accurate readings every time… It’s very simple to use, and a lot of attention to detail has gone into the design… Priced at just £59.99, it can be bought in such stores as Halfords, and certainly would make me part with my money for that price."



The Times Review of AlcoSense Elite

"If you have had a heavy night and intend to drive the next morning, I suggest that you invest in AlcoSense, A mobile phone-sized breath-tester that can accurately measure if you are near or over the drink drive limit."



Stuff Magazine Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Rather than join the 17% of drink drivers who are busted the morning after, the AlcoSense let’s you know when you’re safe to hit to road. It's remarkable how long into a Sunday you can get before you're legal."


Geeks Tech Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Overall AlcoSense is highly recommended and a great bit of kit to own."


MSN Motors Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"A peace of mind tool that could possibly save your licence - and your life - I think the AlcoSense is well worth its £60 price tag "


Autocar Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"The AlcoSense is durable and easy to use, just breathe in to it and it tells you if you are over the limit… useful for the morning after."


Telegraph Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Are you sure your blood-alcohol levels will have lapsed sufficiently by the time you drive your car the following morning? That's the kind of folly the AlcoSense is designed to combat: it is based around the same principles as police-spec breathalysers and provides an instant read-out that tells you whether or not you are fit to take the wheel."


What Car? Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Test yourself. AlcoSense is a tool to help judge if you’re safe to drive the morning after. We tried AlcoSense and it proved to be accurate when compared with the Transport Research Laboratory’s equipment."



Bella Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Just three large glasses can put you over the limit the next day. If AlcoSense comes out positive, get the bus!"



T3 Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Breathalyse yourself, before the fuzz catch you doing an Alistair Stewart, with an AlcoSense Pocket Breathalyser. Be Safe"



Motorboat Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"It won't stop you drinking but it will warn you if you're over the limit the morning after. It may not be the merriest Xmas present, but it could well be the most useful"



Liecestershire Builder Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Seems like a good idea to us!"



Daily Star Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"Don't get nicked the morning after the night AlcoSense"



BBC Review of the AlcoSense Elite

"To prove my inebriation I test myself when I arrive back using an AlcoSense portable breathalyser. At 0700 the reading was clear..."


Customer Reviews

Rated 4.7/5 from 250 Customer Reviews

elite product

by Dominic Patten on 04/02/2016

Excellent customer service and quality product
Five Stars

by Archie Tannock on 28/01/2016

Five Stars

by Amazon Customer on 26/01/2016

Easy to use and set up. If I can manage anyone can!
Great product, works well and gives piece of mind

by Amazon Customer on 26/01/2016

Great product , works well and gives piece of mind
Ensure your under the limit.

by JOHN REILLY on 26/01/2016

I recently purchased this item and it does what it says on the tin. I'm very impressed with the accuracy and how easy it is to use. Whilst not cheap, it is good value for money.
And am happy very happy with it

by Amazon Customer on 23/01/2016

Received my elite . After I saw one advertised on morning tv . And am happy very happy with it .
Easy to use and helpful tool to confirm you are ...

by Delta on 22/01/2016

Very handy & reassuring especially for morning after. Easy to use and helpful tool to confirm you are safe to drive.Highly recommended
Excellent product and essential for those who drive for work.

by Amazon Customer on 21/01/2016

I was given one of these for my birthday as it is something I have wanted for a while. I drive a lot through work, usually early in the morning and with the occasional night out, I wanted to be confident that I was not over the limit before getting behind the wheel. I have found this breathalyser to be accurate to what I would expect and easy to use. Both myself and a friend used it in quick succession over Christmas and it prevented either of us getting behind the wheel for another number of hours. My licence is my job and this is an essential piece of my work kit now.
Just get one and use it

by Ian on 17/01/2016

The morning drive or not to drive? Don't gamble. This device is a true revelation that could save your license. The results have shocked me when normally I would have driven and now finding I would have been over the DD limit. I wonder if the next iteration will be equipped with a bottle opener? Perhaps not.
Five Stars

by northeastgirl on 16/01/2016

It is great and so glad I bought for peace of mind.
Alcosense Elite.

by ken pugh on 15/01/2016

Easy to use, after reading the instructions,used a couple of times now very happy with the product.
Excellent, easy to use and invaluable

by Peter Traynor on 14/01/2016

This is a simple to use and most reassuring device. I am not a serious drinker but this is ideal for 'morning after' use. I bought mine and now 2 of my brothers in law are doing so. I would recommend it to anyone. Losing one's licence costs a fortune and this is one method of avoiding such a catastrophe.
Easy and Straight forward product

by Justin Elkerton on 13/01/2016

I bought the AlcoSense Breathalyser after researching online as I wanted to have something before the Christmas festivities as I was worried about morning after alcohol levels.The product arrived promptly and wasn't difficult to setup and calibrate, instruction are clear and easy to follow. The unit itself is small and compact and seems robust. It come with a few blow tubes and I ordered another pack of 20.I have used it on several occasions and it seems to provide, what I felt were the "correct" reading based on my previous evenings alcohol intake . I can't confirm it is accurate because that would need for me to be breathalyzed by the police and luckily that has never happened so far. Nevertheless I think it provides a reassuring indication for responsible driver to then make a decision on rather than on pure guesswork that I had relied upon before..
Good unit worth purchasing for piece of mind

by robin1306 on 13/01/2016

I bought an AlcoSense lite but wanted something that I could program for different regions so upgraded to this version. So far i think its doing what its says. I have delayed a couple of journeys on the basis that I was very close to the limit as this unit gave an absolute reading. Experimented with drinks and delays to get a feel for how my body reacts to alcohol and as others have said you do need to wait at least 30mins after a last drink as readings almost straight after a drink are very variable. The number of positive reviews indicates this is a reliable unit but the instructions for recalibrating etc are a bit complicated so put the instructions in a safe place.
... the instructions need to be read carefully it is pretty straightforward to set up and use and has been ...

by Rustum on 13/01/2016

Though the instructions need to be read carefully it is pretty straightforward to set up and use and has been a real eye opener in terms of my the blood alcohol levels that result from what I thought were very modest amounts of alcohol. Should prove very useful as well as promoting safer behaviour.
Great purchase, was recommended by friends who had the ...

by Iain Bruce on 13/01/2016

Great purchase, was recommended by friends who had the same model. Easy to use and compact, so it can be taken away on trips. Contact with Alcosense who I found to be very helpful and friendly, resolving a minor issue quickly.Would recommend this model and manufacturer.
Excellent product giving peace of mind

by Malcolm on 13/01/2016

Bought this as I was driving back after Christmas and wanted to make sure I was under the legal limit. This was easy to use and clearly identified I was under the limit.This gave me peace of mind and reassure I was legal to drive.Worth every penny.
Great product

by Wicked Witch 49 on 13/01/2016

Very pleased with this product: easy to set up and working well. A winning Christmas present!
This has given me the expected results and is good for the "morning after"

by Amazon Customer on 13/01/2016

This has given me the expected results and is good for the "morning after". If you get a high reading it will tell you when you become safe, which is invaluable.
excellent and easy to use

by Amazon Customer on 13/01/2016

Excellent product. Easy to use and clear output.
Happy with Purchase

by EddieH on 13/01/2016

Just used it a few times and believed the readings, tried it after eating a home made meal of mussels with white wine (plenty wine) and two hours later the reading was .26 which was entirely possible so I didn't drive
AlcoSense Elite

by Handy manny on 12/01/2016

I bought this more to educate family and friends how little can put a person over the drink drive limit. I used it to breathalyse everyone Christmas Day, which provided plenty of entertainment, and shocked some people how far over the limit they were. Nobody was driving so there were no issues about being over the limit. By knowing how much I had had to drink, it seemed to give a fair representation of when not to drive. Without testing it against a Lion calibrated intoximeter, icon not give how accurate it is, however I am pleased that it is fairly accurate. For the price it it worth getting. The only thing stopping me giving a five star rating is there in no cloth pouch the protect the machine and keep the tubes with it.Could be very educational on driver training courses for new and old drivers alike.
Works for me!!!

by Darren Cordell on 12/01/2016

Obviously I wouldn't stand there and ague with a Policeman over the accuracy, but I believe as an indicator this is a great little device. I used it whilst having a drink a few times to get a feel for it and how it registered my alcohol intake, now I feel confident I can judge when I can drive (or more importantly when not). Best used for me in the morning, quite a shock how long it took my to be clear of alcohol. All in all very good value, used with a bit of common sense it's a great little device.
Every driver should have one

by Mr. C. J. M. Brown on 12/01/2016

Extremely easy to set up and use. As the entire display changes colour (Red for over the limit), you don't have to peer at it to know if you are safe, particularly the morning after when after a good sleep you may not feel the effects of the night before. Quite educational to see how long alcohol stays in your system.
AlcoSense Elite B00116V0KQ

by David R Shearcroft on 12/01/2016

Problem with readings, no drinks for 18 hrs and still reading above limit. When I first received the item and tested it, the same result after no drinking in 24hrs reading 1.5??? is there a fault with this unit? my previous unit reads '0' I only changed because olkd unit takes so long to be ready!
Reliable product

by pauline garmon-jones on 12/01/2016

I have found this reassuring for the morning after. though it can be somewhat surprising. This product seems much more accurtae than other cheaper brands. This is the second one I have bought over the years and the customer service after care was very efficient.
Simple to use, appeared to be accurate, I ...

by Bill Dallas on 12/01/2016

Simple to use, appeared to be accurate, I had many different people try it over the festive period and they were impressed. Certainly gave me some confidence before considering getting behind the wheel the next morning.
Very happy with this product and I've had the lite one ...

by adrian mitson on 12/01/2016

Very happy with this product and I've had the lite one and had it for about 3 years and decided to buy a new one and pleased with the elite. Can't fault them they do the job and good to test just in case
Great little unit

by Richard Welsby on 12/01/2016

Easy to set up and works really well. Quicker than the one my brother has by another brand and reads the same result as my dad's which is a more expensive unit from a rival brand. Good piece of mind the morning after!
Piece of mind

by alan on 12/01/2016

Hi,It works well and has put my mind at rest "the morning after". I bought this after a recommendation, and I have recommended it to friends.
Five Stars

by bruce on 12/01/2016

early days but seems very accurate no problems so far , simple to use
Great Product

by Kay on 12/01/2016

On the assumption that the results are accurate, very pleased with this product. Particularly for 'morning after' use.
Easy to use.

by Amazon Customer on 12/01/2016

Easy to use and very useful for the morning after.
Safely puts your mind at rest the day after the ...

by Amazon Customer on 06/01/2016

Safely puts your mind at rest the day after the night before let's you know exactly when your safe too drive
AlcoSense Elite

by Stuart McLeod on 31/12/2015

Excellent purchase that takes all the doubt out of the day after the night before. Really good investment and highly recommended.
Great gadget and great customer service

by Adrian Smiley on 31/12/2015

Customer service with a query was quick and effective and the gadget is great. I take great care when driving and use it for the dreaded morning after effect when you think your ok. Results can surprize you!

Would highly recommend.
excellent piece of kit

by SMOKEALARMUSER on 30/12/2015

excellent piece of kit. I don't often feel I need to use it but when I do the peace of mind is priceless.
Not worth the risk

by Mr. A. on 20/12/2015

I have been using this for a week or two now. It has warned me once, however this was at 0630 in the morning after a Christmas party, I wasn't driving until 1700hrs, I just wanted to see what happened when you were definitely over the limit. Thats the only time its gone red, after a night out with the family and shots when we got home it showed 0.42 at 10am the following day, I certainly would not have driven, I felt pretty hungover, however this little box said I was ok. And I am waiting 20 minutes after food or drink. So do I trust it with my driving license......Not a chance.The delivery was prompt and I have had no communication from the company involved, I will probably buy another brand to compare the two.
Five Stars

by Mr Douglas Mackay on 19/12/2015

We worth checker!
Solid Quality Product

by Valiant on 18/12/2015

Travelling in the UK and Europe it is important to me to ensure that I'm safe to drive if I've drunk any alcohol during the day. I wanted an accurate device which would allow me to set any and all options according to different country limits.The Alcosense Elite is substantially constructed and, as far as I can tell, accurate in use. Although I did not find the setting controls to be entirely intuitive, the Instruction Manual which accompanies the device is both clear and precise. In general, the liver can process one ounce of alcohol (or one standard drink) in one hour. If you consume more than this, your system becomes saturated, and the additional alcohol will accumulate in the blood and body tissues until it can be metabolised. Ideally, we shouldn't drink alcohol if we're going to drive or operate machinery. Using the Alcosense I can be sure that I do neither of these things if it's not safe for me to do so.This is not a cheap Chinese import and has a full UK backup service (including 0800 telephone access for support). You get what you pay for and this appears to be a solid product.
Not sure how accurate it is, so I would ...

by Atomike on 15/12/2015

Not sure how accurate it is, so I would not be 100% sure that the reading is correct, but it does give you a indication.
Alco sense elite

by Andrew McArthur on 13/12/2015

This product has been a saviour, so easy to use and can take it with you anywhere.
Good Service

by Jerman on 13/12/2015

This is the second time that I have bought these, they are easy to use and carry around. They arrived within the specified time limit.

by Tania Frattin on 12/12/2015

Very easy to use and handy size to carry
no chances

by Graeme on 12/12/2015

bought this a year ago and have used a few times mainly for the morning after to give an indication of when would be suitable to drive with confidence rather than leaving things to chance, in my opinion works very well for my situation as I am retired now and don't have the necessity to drive first thing so can wait until it is safe to do so
alcosence breathalyzer

by Gerald Rickards on 12/12/2015

i have 2 just to be sure,use them every morning with confidence
Five Stars

by Alan W S Bell on 12/12/2015

Better safe than sorry, eliminates the worry
Five Stars

by MR IAN R PEAT on 12/12/2015

Alcosense Elite

by Richard C on 12/12/2015

Brilliant breathalyser, easy too use and setup, gives you total confidense to drive the next morning. Have recommended it to family and friends too. 5 stars
Very effective & useful tool.

by Mr A Johnson on 12/12/2015

Very handy tool to have around to keep you safe & convince you to wait longer before driving.

by Robert Angus on 11/12/2015

Brilliant item

by John Carney on 11/12/2015

This is one of the best on the market I use this when I'm down our caravn in north wales I like a drink or two when I'm of work down ther and mene a time iv felt OK to drive but when tested with the alco sense iv been over I will be getting another one when this one has done its time

by george on 11/12/2015

pleased with my ALCOSENSE machine. You can never be too careful if you have been at somebodys house for a dinner party
Worth every penny!

by Milligan on 11/12/2015

Never a drink driver, but great to check morning levels
alco hawk pro.

by Steve. on 11/12/2015

"this appliance is very simple to use and is a great reminder as to when you should not drive; especially in the the mornings when one could be over the limit and not realise. this little appliance is well worth buying as it can save you a lot of trouble and money. steve"
Honoured their promise to replace even after several years

by Ian B, Bolton on 11/12/2015

After several years of use my Elite started to malfunction. For cost of a service I received a brand new unit.
AlcoSense Breathalysers

by Eddie on 11/12/2015

Good value for money Easy to use Reliable Easy to set limits for different countries I tried other machine but they keep giving different answers and had to return them.
A small price to keep your license.

by Alan Stewart on 11/12/2015

This device not only gives peace of mind, it ensures that you don't break the law and paying the numerous consequences of doing so. Invaluable to all drivers who partake in a small libation.
AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzers

by Allie on 11/12/2015

"Excellent product. Easy to use and is reliable and hopefully accurate! Perfect for checking ""the morning after""."
Easy to use.

by Kevin Mulligan: on 08/12/2015

Very easy to use,once it is set up.,3 readings,safe to drive,borderline and over the limit..You have to have a break of 30 minutes after your last drink before using it.Clear thin plastic " straws " are supplied which attach to the device for you to blow into. It is aimed mainly to test yourself in the morning after,say,a good night out.Nice and compact,fits in your pocket or likewise area...
I Know Whwn I Can Drive

by Philippa Coates on 02/12/2015

The Alco Sense Breathalyser is so useful, it has made us realise how many units of alcohol we are drinking and how little we can drink and legally drive. It's a salutary lesson and we shall take it with us if we are out to a meal so we know when we must stop drinking. It really is easy to work and is nice and small to carry, you should buy one.
Five Stars

by Andrew Rudsdale on 22/11/2015

Most useful and reassuring
Alcosense makes perfect sense - buy one now !

by John Thurston on 20/11/2015

At the best of times we have all thought we were safe to drive having consumed alcohol sometime earlier, it may be hours later, it may be the following morning, we may well factor in how much we have had to eat and how much water we have consumed since. How very mistaken we can be and very often are, the alcosence elite breathalyser which I purchased is amazing, what cannot speak cannot lie, suprise yourself, try guessing and then blow, save yourself the trouble, one of the best investments you can make.
Five Stars

by Chris B on 01/11/2015

Clunk click, and blow into this!
Possibly a Good Product

by MH on 01/11/2015

I bought the product in August 2012 and it worked well without problems until June 2013. When it was switched off it started to emit a sort of scratching noise and although it still worked it was consuming a set of batteries on a monthly basis. I returned it twice (at my expense) and eventually the unit was replaced. The new unit is working and there has not been any obvious battery drain in the last week. I hope the new unit continues to work for a long time.
Excellent service

by B Winder on 22/10/2015

Highly recommended

by Douglas Heeks on 21/10/2015

The product was well packed well made and excellent delivery time Thank you Douglas Heeks
Ecellent product

by R W Hurst on 14/10/2015

Accurate and compact easy to carry and very easy to use!
Excellent Breathalyzer

by Steven Brown on 14/10/2015

Got this to give me some confidence that I wouldn't be over the limit the day after drinking, and I'm very happy with it.Obviously the key point is whether it is actually accurate, and very hard to answer without a police kit to compare to.However, I've found readings to be broadly in line with what I expect. Occasionally I get a LO (i.e. negligble reading) when I don't expect it - I usually take 3 readings to confirm the consistency, and if there is a random LO, it's usually just one, and I can trust the 2 out of 3 readings that match.Menu is a bit random to use, but easy enough with the instructions to hand. It's easy to set the limit of the machine to different countries, in particular a little table in the manual tells you the suitable level for each country - Scotland is listed, which is what I used.In summary, this is a good, easy to use device, and seems to give sensible readings - highly recommended.
Live or Die dont Drink, stay alive

by David Billinghurst on 07/10/2015

Very good sence (alco)
Fantastic customer service, very easy to use product

by Phil Goodall on 07/10/2015

Delivered next day, when they said two days. Very easy to use if you follow the instructions. The customer service is first rate, and very friendly. I am a driving instructor, and I've already had two people who where over the limit, which saved me from prosecution as well for aiding and abetting a drunk driver!! Its un-obtrusive to use as you just blow over it, not into a tube. Highly recommended.
great for testing the morning after a night out

by ScubaRob on 05/10/2015

Works well, great for testing the morning after a night out.
You blow and its go or no go!

by Gareth Christie on 16/09/2015

Simple to use and feels accurate. Only slight criticism is that the sensor doesn't go up that high?
life saver

by AP12 on 15/09/2015

this item is small, easy to curry around. it will tell you how much you have drunk. it can stop you from losing your licence one glass of wine, can take you over the limit. you would never know that. thats where this item helps you to be in control.
fantastic product better to be safe than sorry, specially the morning after .

by Keith Drysdale on 10/09/2015

Have tried the product out and is very good and accurate, very good investment at a very comfortable price ,gives one peace of mind and safe positive driving. Would recommend to any discerning driver.
Excellent profuct

by David Currie-Smith on 09/09/2015

Very good easy to use every driver should have one and make the roads safer
Good could be great except for the blow ---?

by Ifor Jenkins on 23/08/2015

One Breathalyser sent back. Did not hear what was wrong with it as I would have been interested if it was me. The only problem I know have is getting the blow right - It is difficult but not impossible.
Good product, and an initial delivery problem sorted out very well

by Matthew Paine on 21/08/2015

Ordered a set of one-shot breathalysers and Alocosense's basic electronic product. The electronic breathalyser is good and seems to work reliably. Haven't yet had the 'chance' to use any of the one-shot breathalysers specified for use in France. However, was not initially very impressed with delivery. Having paid for next-day delivery, was then (i.e. after they had the money) sent an email apologising for the fact the electronic tester was out of stock . On complaining that the order may as well be cancelled as we were leaving for France shortly and needed the one-shot breathalysers asap, they did arrange for the one-shot testers to be sent by post and they did arrive in time, so that was OK and we appreciated the effort to get us the vital bits on time. The electronic tester duly arrived a couple of weeks later. As delivery was thus in two lots, I appreciate that Alcosense had paid more than they bargained for on delivery costs. However, I had not get the next day delivery I had paid for and they did not offer a refund of the premium delivery fee, so it seemed a bit chaotic from a 'world class' customer service point of view. Subsequently, pleased to report that once they had taken on board the problem AlcoSense responded very positively to make amends, with postage refund and a batch of spare tubes. As this was only a small order to start with I was impressed with the trouble they took to make good. Now more than pleased to join their large group of unqualified fans.
Useful tool - gives peace of mind.

by Anon on 21/08/2015

First class customer service when LCD screen failed.
Does what it says on the tin, I hope.

by Jeremy on 20/08/2015

Does what it says on the tin, I hope.
Well worth the money for peace of mind

by A Hillgrove on 20/08/2015

New one is ok, only problem in the past has been going out of calibration but will check and reset more frequently
Ideal accessory for the car and very helpful if you go out for an evening

by Ian Burhop on 20/08/2015

Simple to use and self cleaning too. I've used it on 3 occasions so far. I used it after fairly light drinking then waiting around an hour after my last drink to get a reasonably stable reading - on all three occasions I was well below the limit. Just a couple of issues with the instructions. I have washed the straws in order to reuse them. It is not clear from the instructions if this could cause any problems. Also the unit does not appear to shut itself down after performing a self clean. As you are not sure when the self clean has finished, this can cause you to leave the unit on by mistake. Overall, I am pleased with the unit and find it really useful.
They are an excellent check to make sure that you are not over the limit.

by Rhodri Tucker Harvey on 20/08/2015

I give them to my sons who are at university to make sure that they don't drive over the limit.
Nice to know where you are in the morning.

by James Beverley on 20/08/2015

Sometimes you may wake-up the morning after a party and feel like you still drunk. This only becomes a problem if you have to go to work or need to attend an unavoidable occasion. With this product you can quickly check whether it's safe to drive or wait a while. I know this isn't much good if you are going to be late for work but at least you are aware of the situation and can on the odd occasion make an excuse. Better to be late for work and make your time up, rather than lose your license. It's also a fun and informative product to take to the pub with you. You'd be surprised how many mates think they are still OK to drive, only to find out they would be over the limit. So to that ends, it's educational too.
Peace of mind

by Bob on 20/08/2015

I have the Alcosense Elite and am very pleased with what I've seen so far. Small, light and easy to operate. Bit of messing around setting up the sensors at the start but all very simple to use after that. I sometimes come home after working late and have a drink or two while processing some paperwork. Later the same morning I have often jumped in the car to pop to the shops not having a clue how much alcohol is still in my system. The Elite has picked up where I have been drinking and I'm pleased to say that I have yet to trigger a warning not to drive. But to test it before this I have drunk a fair bit then waited the obligatory 30 mins and it showed red and that I'm over the limit, so it seems to work as advertised. I'd recommend one for peace of mind after the night before.
A co-operative and Customer Focused Company providing excellent service.

by Roy Kitchen on 18/08/2015

From the initial contact this company was very informative and provided information allowing us to decide which product was more suited to our needs. Service was excellent and delivery met on time as promised.
easy to use and appears to be accurate in recent ...

by Steve W on 12/08/2015

Compact, easy to use and appears to be accurate in recent test circumstances.
Five Stars

by David Taylor on 09/08/2015

Very pleased with my purchase.
Five Stars

by Mr Hood. on 08/08/2015

Great item, takes the worry away from driving or not. Just stick to the rules mentioned in the booklet.
Helpful, friendly staff

by Harriet Rose on 06/08/2015

The staff were really helpful with my enquiries, and I received my order quickly. Will definitely use again.

by Mrs Joan Knight on 03/08/2015

Very good service on my recalibation, the only down side is that it was returned without batteries after putting new batteries in before sending it away. If it could not be posted with batteries they surely could have been sent back isolated. Otherwise quite pleased. Regards, Neil Franklin
Works well

by Mr Gavin Westwood on 01/08/2015

This elite breathalyser is a must have. It ensures that you are safe to drive.
Excellent product

by Colin Coleford on 01/08/2015

I have been using the alcosense elite for a couple of weeks now and must say I was surprised by the results it just shows you're never really sure how much alcohol hangs about. Postage was quick I had it the next day. Can't fault the product or service hence the 5stars : )
OK, but unit just failed one day for no apparent reason

by Quentin Mayberry on 01/08/2015

If you use these products a lot then they are well worth it, however the simple solution is just don't drink and drive! We bought one of the Elite's to show our teenage kids just how little alcohol they needed to drink to be unsafe to drive. Our unit lasted 4 years and was hardly used, maybe 30 times throughout that period. We went to use it one day recently having not used it for several months and the screen didn't work correctly, it had not been misused in any way. I sent it back for repair but it was apparently beyond economical repair. We were offered the same product at a reduced rate. When the unit did work, it was good. You could watch how over time the intoxication level would rise until your body was eventually processing the alcohol and getting rid of it. I used to use Lion Intoximeters in the Police force and these operate in a very similar manner.
Best family purchase in ages

by Mrs Jane Macmillan on 01/08/2015

With teenagers and young people at home, who never believe you that it's to early to drive after a night out drinking, this little machine saves any simple to use
AlcoSense - Total Sense

by Dave Hunter on 31/07/2015

Very impressed with the AlcoSense Elite. Gave really good readings against my work kit (I'm a traffic officer by day). Great for the morning after a night with the boys!
Driving Assurance

by Customer on 30/07/2015

Great to check the morning after.
Brilliant. Wish I'd bought one years ago. PEACE of mind

by Mr M Conti on 29/07/2015

Brilliant. Wish I'd bought one years ago. PEACE of mind
Alcove see makes sense

by Mr David Hart on 29/07/2015

Got to have it Mustn't use it Police want it You can't go without it
Well-made and easy to use

by Mr John Green on 28/07/2015

Takes about a minute to get a reading. Well-made, clear instructions and easy to use. For 60 quid it's not worth NOT having. Keep in the car for mornings after.
french connection

by Mr James Martindale on 27/07/2015

Good product delivered on time .
Great best buy

by Miss Tina Gibson on 27/07/2015

Great product. Easy to use.
Alcosense Elite, Great Product.

by Colin Padley on 27/07/2015

I can highly recommend this product.
Never be caught out again!

by Miss Sarah Wilkinson on 26/07/2015

Purchased it as a Christmas present for my other half shortly after he was pulled by the police on his way into work one December morning. Fortunately for him he was under the limit however it shocked him all the same that he still had alcohol in his system. Neither of us would attempt to drive now without using it & I can honestly say it was money very well spent.
AlcoSense makes sense

by Mr Ian Wade on 26/07/2015

I would suggest keeping one of these AlcoSense Breathalysers in the Glovebox.
very good

by Mrs sherry on 26/07/2015

easy to use--easy directions
Problem with Elite

by David Price on 10/07/2015

I bought an alcosense elite a few years ago and it proved very useful, especially to ensure that I was safe to drive the morning after. The unit however began to lose it's LCD display gradually until it became useless. I now have a replacement bought with a slight discount from the supplier, as the original could not be repaired. I hope it does not happen again because the unit itself is great when working properly. .
Three Stars

by Pebbles on 15/06/2015

Is only seems to be truly useful the following morning after you've been drinking the night before!
Great products, great company

by Sheila Vaughan on 11/06/2015

Bought and AlcoSense Elite. The product is great, really pleased with it! Spoke with them on the phone before ordering and the guy I spoke to was helpful and seemed to know his stuff. Came quickly, easy to use and I would highly recommend the company and the product.
Great Value

by michael holliday on 09/06/2015

I purchase the Alcosense after breaking a more expensive model made by a competitor i was very skeptical as to wether it would be any good as it was a fraction of the price compared to my previous one. The product is spot on and i would recomend it only one let down it was a bit tricky to set up you have to calibrate it my previous one just needed batteries and switch on.

by Mr Charles Polito on 14/05/2015

No better no worse than I expected
Very pleased with the alcosense elite machine

by Peter Perrett on 13/05/2015

Will be recommending it to friends
Top Class Service

by Glyn Evans on 07/05/2015

I bought an Alco Sense Elite which arrived quickly. It developed a fault and was returned. It was replaced under warranty no quibbles. I cannot fault the service provided.
Quick service

by Audrey on 24/04/2015

Product as described and delivered quickly. Very good service.
Drank too oblivion

by John Kerr on 07/04/2015

AlcoSens saved the licence
however thereafter great and very easy to use

by danish on 28/03/2015

Bought this just after new drink drive limits came into effect. Bit fiddly to set up, however thereafter great and very easy to use. Well worth it.
Now Group a superb company.

by D Colin Hall on 25/03/2015

The service that I received both with a problem that I had concerning a AlcoSense Elite that I owned and the reordering of a replacement was second to non, absolutely superb.
Great stuff

by Mark Johnston on 23/03/2015

Good product, good service, good prices and friendly staff.

by Nirda Gizzi on 21/03/2015

It's a very good thing to have

by David on 08/03/2015

A bit fiddly to use - and to calibrate, which leaves you wondering if you can rely on it. Complicated instructions.
Five Stars

by Dylan on 02/03/2015

A bit tricky to set up but easy to use.
Five Stars

by hq on 26/02/2015

My son was thrilled with this Christmas present. It does the job and it's used frequently!
Safe driving

by pat iley on 25/02/2015

What a relief to be able to check you're safe to drive morning after. Brilliant product.
every breath you take

by Mr Paul LeFevre on 26/01/2015

"excellent product however I had already used one which worked perfectly for five years. It stopped working when I dropped it and split the casing; which is why I have a new one"
Fast service on new orders and servicing

by Colin Wales on 24/01/2015

I bought my first breathalyser 3 to 4 years ago. I recently bought a leter model and sent my old one in for a service. I now have 2 latest models!
Excellent service

by John D on 21/01/2015

Superb service with very prompt delivery and excellent response to after sales service request. The device is as advertised as certainly works well. Shame there is no protective cover provided with it.
Potential life saver

by Mr Hassen John Gaungoo on 21/01/2015

This has saved me a couple of times. For example after the work Christmas party, I was all set to head off, I checked myself. I was well over the limit. So I sat back in the hotel lobby for a couple of hours, had a coffee and lunch and tried again. Definitely worth it.
Five Stars

by faredodger42 on 21/01/2015

works fine

by Christine McFarlane on 20/01/2015

Makes you feel confident when you get in the car.
Alcosense Elite Performs Well

by D.C.G on 18/01/2015

My Alcosense Elite has performed well for the task that I bought it to do. An annual re-calibration was provided without any fuss.
Gives you some confidence that it's safe to drive, ...

by Merv on 15/01/2015

Gives you some confidence that it's safe to drive, though at times the readings appear to be higher than expected, which is on the safe side. Worth having, especially with today's lower Scottish limits.
Five Stars

by colin hutton on 15/01/2015

excellent product would buy from them again
use common sence when testing with this device. do not drive if you feel in doubt.

by Gordon Mc Combie on 06/01/2015

Product relatively straight forward to use after first digesting the user instructions. I expected to see consistant results I.e the same reading after performing 2/3 sample tests in a short space of time but this was not always the case although I have to say the results were repeatedly quite close. At the end of the day the device is a useful tool but results should be used as a guide only coupled with common sense.
Alco Sense has its problems.

by fiona cochrane on 04/01/2015

Calibration is a concern in terms of the machine's accuracy and it is not set up for new Scottish law. Also most of the family struggle to breathe into machine at appropriate pressure.
Five Stars

by john sutherland on 31/12/2014

Appears to work well although set for higher limit in England
Blow into here please sir!

by Anthony F. on 29/12/2014

This is an excellent little gadget, it is easy to use and very accurate. The reason that I haven't given it 5 stars is that it isn't ready to use straight out of the box. You have to set it up first which takes around 20 minutes and can be a little fiddly and also, the breathalyzer only comes with 5 disposable tubes to blow into which I thought was a bit stingy considering the price. Extra tubes are readily available online but why don't they include more in the pack?All in all a very good product and highly recommended.
Five Stars

by Peter Gatt on 25/12/2014

great buy
How much is YOUR driving license worth???

by UK_Greg on 24/12/2014

I never drive when Ive been drinking (or do I ??) what about the morning after? I bet there has been more than one occasion in my life when Ive been close to the limit the next morning. So I bought one of these - especially now that the limit has lowered in Scotland (I work in scotland maybe once a month and stay in a hotel and have a couple of drinks) I did some tests when I didnt have to drive the next day. On one occasion (my big test) I drank a LOT and I was on 79 at 10:30 the next day. 80 is a fail / ban. 90 minutes later I was ok (I didnt drive all day) its a sobering thought.... especially if you go to work at 07:00 etc. Imagine being involved in an accident and hurting somebody including yourself and passengers - then finding out you were over the drink drive limit. I couldnt live with that thought.Whilst this unit has been set to turn red near 80, it still tells you your Blood Alcohol as a number, so you dont need to buy a special one if you live in scotland - but at the time I purchased it, I think they were gearing up to providing 2 options. You can send it of once a year to get it re calibrated if you are seriously concerned But I think that I'll have a better understanding of my limit much sooner.
Not sure

by albrwal on 19/12/2014

Not very sure it works that well and can be a bit inconsistent. Do not drink or eat anything for at least an hour before you use it even food, tea or coffee as throws results.
Five Stars

by Dougals whittington on 17/12/2014

Prompt delivery. Item exactly as described.
Reality check for those than enjoy a tipple.

by Steve on 14/12/2014

Seems ok, Interesting to monitor alcohol levels at the night an morning after. Makes you think, and has surprised a few friends who thought they would be fine.Happy to say, I've never had a morning after reading ... I did buy extra straws, but just rinse and dry the original, it works fine.
Breathe slowly....

by dyfthegog on 11/12/2014

I initially had problems with it not registering but it was down to me blowing too hard. Apart from that the machine is quick and seems to read faultlessly. The audible and visual warnings are useful so that you don't need to remember the legal levels. Easy to set up
Five Stars

by yinmorrison on 26/11/2014

does just as it says
Five Stars

by s gisby on 24/11/2014

Does what it says on the box - just the gadget for December
arrived on time and all as described cannot comment on ...

by Alan W S Bell on 21/11/2014

arrived on time and all as describedcannot comment on the working of the tester as these units purchased as presents
A perfect way of checking whether you or your family member ...

by Neil Sut. on 19/11/2014

A perfect way of checking whether you or your family member are ok to drive especially if its the next morning. It is always right to play safe before driving and this elite alcosense device is reliable, easy to use and great to trust. Brilliant buy.
Alert Level Change

by Bill McDonald on 13/11/2014

Product functions satisfactorily but I should have been offered a unit calibrated to 0.5%BAC since this will be the new limit in Scotland from next month.
... to do what it says and is of a nice

by Hilary K. on 13/11/2014

Seems to do what it says and is of a nice size
It was very easy to set up following the simple instructions

by Januarious on 07/11/2014

I purchased this product about three months ago. It was very easy to set up following the simple instructions. I have used it as I intended to which is to ensure that I am not over the legal limit before driving. In fact the re assurance given by the result (I'm pleased to say always thus far "lo") removes that uncertainty that can exist the morning after maybe just one too many glasses of wine. It is exceptionally easy to us and I am delighted with the product.
A Brillian Breathalyzer which really does the job.

by Penny Leonard on 07/11/2014

I cannot speak highly enough of this excellent product. My family and I are not heavy drinkers, but all the same the AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer has given us complete peace of mind. The Breathalyzer has been thoroughly tested out and we have full confidence in it. I would recommend it to anyone who is not quite sure whether they have exceeded the limit or not and, with Christmas coming up, it would make an excellent present.
Like this product.

by Alec Rutherford on 07/11/2014

Arrived quickly and well packaged.Relatively easy to set up and get started.Clear instructions and clear warnings contained about the morning after.I have tested it a couple of times and it works well giving a clear result on the display screen.Obviously I cannot say how accurate it is but obviously even if you have a borderline reading,I wouldn't attempt to drive.

by P.TREANOR on 07/11/2014

Five Stars

by paul keith smith on 07/11/2014

Wanted this for the morning after check. Does the job perfectley.An eye openner
Impressed and would recommend

by D Russell on 06/11/2014

Really impressed with the quality and apparent accuracy of the Elite. Found it easy to set up and use (remembering to leave 30 mins after eating / drinking anything). Would recommend it, particularly as we approach the festive season. Even if you are in Scotland where the limit will reduce to 50 mg, the fact you get a digital reading means there is no real need to get it reset from the red warning at 80 mg for the rest of the UK.
Easy to initialise the sensor

by Patrick on 06/11/2014

Delivered promptly. Easy to initialise the sensor. Extremely easy to use. Gives an accurate numeric measurement. Also pretty interesting to see how much mg /l of alcohol after consuming a few beers.I'd recommend this product particularly for the numeric mg /l figure, to quantify how much over the limit you are.
Four Stars

by bill on 27/10/2014

Works very well good buy
Five Stars

by francis donnelly on 12/10/2014


by Polly on 04/10/2014

I must admit I haven't used this yet but you will need to read the instructions as you need white wine to set up!
Accurate, well built, but has drawbacks

by Mike Roberts on 22/09/2014

I previously had the Alcosense Lite version, and this in comparison is a little more complicated. It has to be self-calibrated which is a drawback in the first instance but has the advantage that it can be re-calibrated. My pet dislike is that the lowest it reads is "Lo" which I gather means lower than 0.2%bac. Not too much of a drawback when in UK (lower than 0.8) or western Europe (less than 0.5 but. I often drive in Eastern Europe where 0.22 or even 0.0 is the limit! So "Lo" could be pretty tight. The Lite version counts down to Zero, much more useful! The Elite however, does seem remarkably accurate, and it's easy to clean the sensor to maintain this accuracy.All in all I think this is good value for money, but I think I may have my old "Lite" serviced for the below 0.2 predicament. I may be old fashioned but I don't like to drive with ANY alcohol in my blood, my license is too important to me!
Alcohol Level Awareness.

by J. Pittman on 16/09/2014

Being a professional driver, I am acutely aware of the effects caused by alcohol on the driver. There are times however, when initially there is no intended or planned driving and alcohol is consumed, but then the situation changes. There may be an unexpected requirement to drive and this creates the problem regarding motoring safety. Although one may not have consumed vast quantities of alcohol, several factors can affect the rate at which it is removed from the body. Where there is ANY doubt, one should NOT drive. However, to this end I purchased an Alcosense Elite unit and after CALIBRATING it in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, I began to use it to see how beneficial it might be.The unit is very simple to use and can be set for the criteria in different countries. There is a pre-use count down period during which you can prepare to give your breath sample via the plastic straw. A long steady blow at normal breathing effort is all that it takes. It is recommended that you rinses your mouth with fresh water, prior to giving the sample, to remove any residue alcohol in the mouth.While the unit does NOT inform you that you CAN drive, it gives clear feedback if there is little or no alcohol detected. If the unit detects higher levels it displays a NO DRIVE warning and the screen changes to RED.I have used the unit after drinking wine (11% to 12.5%) and also after drinking spirits (40% to 43%) either following an evening out or after a restaurant meal. The unit has responded differently dependant on the time passed since the last drink and also the strength of the drink in %age. The higher the %age the longer it takes to clear from the body and the longer the user should NOT drive.The unit is small, easy to use, and as long as it has been calibrated and allowed to "self-clean" after each use, it could be a useful aid by advising you not to drive with an elevated blood / alcohol level when you are under the impression that you have none at all.The best advice given is not to drive with any alcohol in your system; if used correctly Alcosense Elite can detect alcohol in your system and alert you with a DO NOT DRIVE warning.It cannot stop you from driving; THAT is your decision and the Alcosense Elite has been developed to help you make that decision NOT to drive.Using the Alcosense Elite could prevent an accident and could also protect your driving licence.
Small, easy to use and gives consistent readings.

by Wiseguy on 15/09/2014

Overall I like this product a lot. It is small, seems well made, and is easy to use and understand once calibrated. I agree with some other reviewers that the setup process is a bit fiddly but provided you follow the instructions it is quite straightforward. On top of that, the fact that the unit can be calibrated and needs to be from time to time gives me more confidence that it will give an accurate reading. Whether that is logical I'm not sure.I bought mine in July 2014 and in the two months I have had it it seems to be quite consistent in the readings it gives relative to the number of drinks I have had. You must of course be careful to wait at least 20 minutes after having a drink for the reading will be meaningless. I have found it interesting to periodically retest myself and watch the reading slowly decline over a number of hours as I metabolise the alcohol.A friend of mine was impressed with it and I ordered a second unit for him (only because I have Amazon prime and got quicker delivery). Unfortunately I did not think to check the readings of the two units against each other which would have been interesting. Sadly he has taken the unit to Thailand with him and wont be back until the spring. Some people get all the luck!Don't buy the expensive replacement blow tubes. Some plastic drinks straws are exactly the same diameter and cost nothing.Overall I would definitely recommend.
Too difficult to use. Spent hours trying to configure ...

by YamBee on 14/09/2014

Too difficult to use. Spent hours trying to configure, following the instructions again and again. Kept getting error message. Eventually gave up and sent back for a full refund.
Makes the morning after less stressful.

by A. M. Bridgett on 13/09/2014

Works a treat and make the morning after the night before less stressful. Once calibrated, the unit is very easy to use - open it up, wait 20 seconds for the sensor to reach working temp and blow into the unit. For my first test, after just over half a bottle of wine it registered 1.5x driving limit, which seemed reasonable. Very happy I will now know when it's safe to drive.
Excellent product. Read the instructions so you understand how ...

by DaveFitz on 13/09/2014

Excellent product. Read the instructions so you understand how it works. It's a scientific instrument and needs to looked after / calibrated etc..
Five Stars

by Mr. Lynn Hughes on 13/09/2014

Excellent product delivered quickly.Easy to use
Well made easy to use . Buy one

by David McCallum on 12/09/2014

This is a very useful product well packaged with a solid feel and a clear display . It is important not to use straight out the box as there is a simple initial set up to perform. I don't always read instructions however on this occasion I did and if you are to get the best accuracy from this product I would strongly read them and the advise given. I have used it three times now and have found it easy to use and it takes the guess work out of your level of alcohol and your ability to legally drive
Good product but do follow the instructions!!

by Amazon Customer on 12/09/2014

This didn't seem to give an accurate reading to begin with, giving a high reading with no alcohol, but has improved after we reset it and carefully followed the set up instructions
It is, contrary to other reviews" not difficult to set up

by Mr. Simon Frobisher on 12/09/2014

I bought an AlcoSense ELITE breathalyser to "calibrate" myself - to find out what I could drink and be safe to drive an hour or so later - or in the morning.It is, contrary to other reviews" not difficult to set up and elf-calibrate before your first use. And for me it seems consistent. I'm very happy with it.
Five Stars

by The Occupier on 01/09/2014

Wonderful, re packaging, delivery time and quality of goods as described.Thank you.
Very good product. Bit of a fiddle calibrating

by Mr. G. Thompon on 25/08/2014

Very good product. Bit of a fiddle calibrating, but otherwise hard to fault.
Not bad

by alterbridge on 30/07/2014

Easy to use, but it does seem especially sensitive to intensity of breath. As always with these bits of kits it is difficult to know just how accurate they are….
Five Stars

by joe Harper on 26/07/2014

Very good. Would suggest having it handy to use if concerned about the day after.
Piece of mind

by Glenn Goodberry on 20/07/2014

I bought this product as we are touring Europe this summer. Its easy to use.and compact. Wish I had bought one years ago.
Alcosense Elite.

by MR ERIC D GREENWOOD on 21/06/2014

An excellent product. Simple to use & very reliable. An essential tool for those who value their driving licence. I strongly recommend it.
Checked and accurate

by Gerald Dungay on 31/05/2014

I bought this as the company I work for are now carrying out 'back to work alcohol testing'. I did some testing on myself before returning to work and found the machine easy to use. On my return to work I was tested with the much more expensive company machine and the results were the same as that shown by my AlcoSense machine.One point, the initial setup seems a bit daunting but follow the steps and it is really quite simple. I carried out a couple of set-ups to familiarize myself with the machine.
Alcosense Breathalyser

by wsascott on 23/05/2014

This is my 3rd Alcosense breathalyser I have purchased, but the first from Gadgets4travel. Great for when you're not sure if you are fit the morning after the night before. Packaged well by Gadgets4Travel, and arrived on time
Should have bought this ages ago!

by Mike Roberts on 22/05/2014

Very impressed with this, I'm always wary of driving in the morning after a good nights session, with this, it does give you a little peace of mind. I have tried this on many occasions now and if you follow the correct procedures when you set it up (which isn't hard) I find that the readings it gives are very good, lets face it folks we all know when we shouldn't drive but it is for that time when you think am I ok to drive or not?
Read the instructions

by H Gralton on 22/05/2014

The set-up is a little involved, more so than the advertising would suggest but I persevered and it seems to work as far as I can tell. The couple of readings I had so far were as I would have expected. I believe that typically one unit of alcohol takes an hour to clear our body. That is a generalisation and it does vary considerably from person to person.I'm writing this as the supplier believes they are getting malicious negative comments from "non-verified" customers.Some negative comments do seem to go a long way back though?
Works and reliable

by Mrs L J Snellgrove on 21/05/2014

Hard to know if it is completely acurate but have experimented without needing to drive and it performs consistantly. As everybody reacts differently to alcohol I am now confidant to use it and drive on the results it gives. Having the What Car approval too gives it 5 stars for me.
Works well.

by on 21/05/2014

This little unit seems to work very well. It takes a little while to set up, but is worth the trouble. It seems much more accurate than my last unit.
spot on

by customer on 14/05/2014

great product seems very accurate,however dont use it after eating or brushing your teeth because it gives an abnormally high reading.other than that well worth the money and peace of mind.
Saved my licence?

by Keith Shaw on 05/05/2014

This is a very useful device, and from my experience seems reasonably accurate. I use it for the morning after, and on a couple of occasions although I felt ok and in the past would have driven the car this has registered that I'm still slightly over the limit and so it's stopped me from driving. There appear to be some users who think it's not accurate enough, but it's been very consistent in its readings so far and I think it's a much better guide than nothing at all or the "Christmas cracker" breathalyzers. If you want one to the same accuracy as the police they're roughly ten times this price, so all in all this seems to work extremely well.
spot on

by R. F. SUTHERLAND on 15/04/2014

I am very pleased with how this works and have to admit that it now helps me cut down on how much I have the night before I drive because a couple of times it has came up red so its a no drive for me, I would definitely recommend it
Excellent item!

by Sean Flynn on 03/04/2014

Purchased this item because I absolutely hate the feeling the next day after drinking, worrying if I'd be ok to drive or not. This great little device works perfectly and takes a load off my mind. Just be sure to read the instructions to it carefully before use.
Very good breathalyzer

by Mr & Mrs C Trower on 01/04/2014

It is an easy to use breathalyzer. It gives a good level of accuracy as far as I can tell. We are very happy with it.

by S. L. Taylor on 30/03/2014

Use mine every time I have been drinking the previous evening. Appears to work well and gives consistent readings. Certainly lets you know when you should NOT get behind the wheel.
Excellent piece of kit

by SAAB boy on 30/03/2014

This is a top-notch and very accurate piece of kit that, once set-up, gives reassurance that you are safe to drive the morning after a heavy session. Stopped me driving on New Year's Day until it was safe for me to get behind the wheel. It would be disastrous to lose one's licence 12 hours after you have stopped drinking!
peace of mind.

by tracyboo on 29/03/2014

delivered promptly, used a lot over xmas and we know its accurate cause we got stopped boxing day by our boys in blue, and we were fine. wouldn't had driven if we hadn't have had this little machine to give us the peace of mind. even when you feel fine you might not be.
Works as expected great product

by John F on 29/03/2014

I have used it to great effect in the morning after. It is easy to set up and use. I have confidence in this product that it will tell me when I should not be driving. Definitely recommend.
Exactly what I wanted.

by Betony Taylor on 28/03/2014

I bought this a while ago in preparation for the festive period - I live in the family home which now consists of four adults of drinking age and able to drive. I felt it the responsible thing to have family breathalyser so anyone off to enjoy the festivities could do so safely.So far, I have been very pleased with this device. I've used it a couple of times the morning after a night out and it has read what I expected. Similarly, other members of the family have used it and found the same.It's small and you can just pop it in an over night bag or wherever.Definitely read the instructions and make sure you set it up correctly.I am very pleased with this purchase.
Excellent for the morning after

by Mark Jones on 28/03/2014

This is a good product for the morning after but gives unreliable results if you have not waited long enough after your last drink. Read the instructions!!
Excellent idea

by Deborah Durbin on 27/03/2014

I bought this as a Christmas present for my 20 year old daughter. Not that she would ever drink and drive, more for the fact to check that she is safe to drive the following morning, which is something that a lot of people who have been out the night before tend to forget about.Although it took a few attempts to work out how to initially use it, she uses it regularly now if she's been for a night out the night before and has to drive anywhere the following morning.I would recommend it to everyone. A great idea.
Very Useful Product

by TOM on 27/03/2014

link below to 5th gear (channel 5 version of top gear) review of market breathalisers including this model and hence why I got it. [...]Had a few of the dispolsable French breathalisers left over from a trip to France in my car. After a particularly heavy night out of curiosity decided to test myself on one and was suprised to find myself still over the limit the next morning at 9 am, scary stuff. I assume I must have driven over the limit in the past without knowing it, so the responcible thing for me was to get a propper breathaliser. The consquences of driving over the limit are scary - potentially jail and criminal record!Did a bit of research looking for a suitable product to use to see if I am legal to drive the next day as it would be a nightmare getting caught accidently over the limit. This product seems to be a good product and have on multiple occasions found myself over the limit the next morning so its been a good investment.Product came quickly and well packed, seems to be accruate, Read the information not suitable really for 1hr after a drink as levels vary so more a morning after product.
Excellent Product

by Sarah Green on 27/03/2014

The question of accuracy doesn't come in to this as this is a guide. It is astonishing how late the following morning you can still be over the limit. This is a guide and a very helpful one at that. If it flashes you are near the limit then it is your own choice to drive or not - this is not the products responsibility!!. I have found this very useful especially over the Christmas period.
Traffic Cop Referral

by craig john park on 27/03/2014

was a bit sceptical at first, was going to get the intermediate version but they upgraded me to the "Elite"version. My Brother in Law is a Traffic Cop he tested it talked to his mates at work about it & it turns out its pretty dam accurate!Cant rate this company highly enough.
Great bit of kit

by Ball Point on 27/03/2014

Yes,it takes ten minutes to set up and understand,but after that,it is instantly available for use.Provided you haven't drunk alcohol in the past 30 minutes.Even the police ask that question before breathalising,-it buggers up the sensor,and gives false readings.We are measuring alcohol on the breath here,-not in the mouth and throat.It has prevented me from driving when I thought I may be OK,-and told me that I was good to go,when I was dubious.I drink every evening,and it's next day results usually confirm my own prediction,it is the ones that contradict me that are important,and the reason that I bought it.It will be sent back to the manufacturer,on at least a yearly basis,for a full work-over,for which there is a modest cost,but I consider it well worth while.If you are looking at this,you probably would benefit from this product.
Does what it should.

by Mother Theresa on 27/03/2014

This is a great little product. Having seen the Channel 5 review you wouldn't really look much further, I would normally be a bit suspicious of a bang-on result but the look on everyone's faces was quite reassuring.Yes it requires a little work to set up the first time but nothing too onerous and after three months it hasn't needed a clean or recharge. As the blurb suggests I only use it the morning after to make sure I am OK to drive and if I'm close to the limit the Obersturmbannfuher does the honours.It takes a worry out of life and so is money well spent.
Very good, but care IS needed!

by Amazon Customer on 27/03/2014

Part 1: The first AlcoSense Elite I received was difficult from day 1 and soon stopped working altogether. After a brief phone call, It was replaced promptly. Top marks there, then.Part 2: The replacement has been working well until this week. Performing the full Sensor initialization/reset, with Auto Sensor Cleans, as per the Book (pages 8 & 9), has restored its normal behavior. Another tip; if you use the same Blow Tube repeatedly (for yourself, of course), rinse it through under the tap occasionally.A good value device that can be recommended to caring users.
Not to be Disregarded

by Terence Sketchell on 27/03/2014

The name suggested what I was looking for. It is well made and providing one follows the instructions carefully it does what it is supposed to do. It is essentially a "morning after tester" and though home reviewers have to place some trust in the results provided I have no reason to not be convinced by the results produced. It has the merit of being capable of use on a repetitive basis with little or no time delay. I believe in it and would recommend it. I hope the law would be similarly convinced.

by Agnes Parkinson on 27/03/2014

As responsible drivers, we bought this home breathalyzer to ensure we are OK to drive the morning after we have had a drink. We always thought we were OK but this neat little gadget has put our minds at rest. It is stylish and easy to use. It takes seconds to check you are OK to drive and saves you losing your licence.Every driver should have one.
Excellent gadget

by jonlea on 27/03/2014

Providing you follow this instructions properly, then this gadget works very well. I have tested it with all sorts of drink levels and it appears to do the job it says it does. Even swilling your mouth out with breath freshener increases the reading. It certainly gives you peace of mind and you know when not to drive.
Very useful

by Gasmanbob on 27/03/2014

A little practice when sober is useful to get the hang of the breathing out rate required, but every gadget has a learning curve, and this one is a short curve. Initial calibration is clearly explained and the machine is easy to use. Highly recommended.
Alcosense Eleite Breathalyser

by Davingtonp on 27/03/2014

Arrived on schedule and used as a useful morning after tool to ensure I am no over the limit before I drive to work. I little fiddly to set up and it is easy to blow too hard when in use. Overall a good reassurance to stay within the law.
good device

by Mr. N. J. Robinson on 27/03/2014

I appreciate this little thing. The results are often surprising but at least fairly consistent. Requires yearly recalibration most people won't bother with so beware the fine print.
My own pocket breathyliser

by Jason on 27/03/2014

Brilliant little product, take care in following the instructions thoughIf it saves my licence being taken away, then it's a very small amount of money to pay....
very good product

by r bates on 27/03/2014

use it all the time i have been out for a drink and it is very useful and would recommend it to any body.
Great product

by Box wave ever touch on 26/03/2014

This is an excellant product, I have found very useful especially after a party or celebration the. Night before. I would not drive without first knowing that I am able to do so legally. This product gives me that assurance.
A good test for the morning after

by mangocat on 26/03/2014

I bought one of these a few months ago & regularly use it in the morning following a drink or two the night before.the results are usually as expected, although i had an occasional surprise of a higher than expected reading following several drinks the previous evening. I believe the results are pretty accurate & would never consider driving if this device shows a higher reading.The device is easy to use once you know how to blow in to it correctly. it takes a few goes to get it right, but it also bleeps at you if you blow incorrectly. You do need to read the instructions very carefully before using it.I would happily recomend this device to anyone who likes a drink in the evening.
peace of mind

by theresa connor on 26/03/2014

this has been a life saver and job saver. easy to use and reassuring that after a night out. We have used it with friends as well.
Essential Alcosense.

by Mr. Paul C. Davis on 06/03/2014

Absolutely essential for situations where you need a quick check of your alcohol levels. Need to keep it clean, and calibration is a pain as I don't drink white wine. But otherwise brilliant.

by Thomas on 26/02/2014

I used this product at 0830 in the morning, after drinking heavily the night before until the early hours of the morning. I was registered as LOW 3 times, with 3 different tubes. Needless to say I didn't trust the reading in the slightest and took a taxi home, to which I used the cheaper version of the product which read me as HI, again tested the result 3 times with 3 different tubes.
Good Product

by Andyp on 16/02/2014

I've used this a few times now and seems to be spot on, tried after a few drinks high reading, and a couple of times in the Morning after a night out, both times later in Morning it went Sky High, So worth the money.
A bit temperamental

by Mrs C P Smith on 27/01/2014

Product was recommended in What Car magazine and was quite pricey so expected an accurate devise. The product is quite temperamental and gives a false reading i.e. no alcohol for 2 days gives a reading of being over the limit! Very frustrating when wanted an accurate product. Requires regular cleaning of the devise to clear the sensors.
It may save my licence.

by bluebell1 on 15/01/2014

I do not drink and drive or so I thought? Often we go out for lunch and I have a drink before my meal and a glass of wine with my meal. I eat a three course meal and I would think there is a hour from when I have stopped drinking to driving my car. I have now found by using my Alcosense that because I live in France although okay to drive in the UK I am with their rules over the limit to drive. You can be stopped randomly. Scary really! To be done for drinking and driving must be devastating. If you had an accident and someone was killed or injured you would never forgive yourself. Even if just prosecuted to not be able to drive and then later not to be able to get insurance without costing a fortune. Plus the shame.A wake up call and no longer can I be in denial. On the plus side you can check yourself and be reassured and it is a fun gadget to use. It amuses my husband when he has drunk more than me that his level is much less than mine. I think it puts you in touch with your body and how your body processes alcohol. It appears to be accurate and can't comment on how well it does long term as have only had it a couple of weeks. It is now always in the car and just reminds me to never drive when over the limit of your country. A good idea for everyone. I have bought them as presents.
buy one!

by prebble on 13/01/2014

like most people, I would never go on a bender then drive home,I always get a taxi, but the worry always remains:what about the morning after?Plod has all the kit to test this, but I do not. I bought two units and compared results from both, as £130 is a bit cheaper than no licence!Read all instructions, take time to set up, then experiment to check varying results-spirits are the kiss of death for the early morning drive, as is no breakfast and a cup of tea. A lot of wines are 14-15% now whereas they used to be 8-9%.99% of the time if you go out for a meal and a bottle of wine there is little or no trace. Removes the worry-but I have changed my drinking habits as a result of this purchase.
Excellent Kit supplied as an upgrade

by ledmiser on 11/01/2014

I ordered the more basic unit for use around Christmas to avoid possible morning after worries. Its simple to use and gives confidence the morning after. Service from G4 Travel who supplied it was great . they supplied the elite unit as a free upgrade when they ran short of the standard units. excellent service
Worth buying

by Mrs V L Robinson on 10/01/2014

Once you have established how to operate the unit it really work and could save you the loss of your licence
AlcoSense Elite Breathanalyzer

by Maciej on 09/01/2014

I was always worried to drive a car the morning after having few drinks...well quite a few. So far I'm really happy with the purchase as it does exactly what it says on the tin.My only concern is that it will display LO reading for values below 0.2. Although this is not irrelevant in the UK more precise reading on the low end of the scale would come useful while travelling to some European countries (where the limits are 0.2). I guess this is due to the precision of the device (+/- 0.2) and it is something I could live with.Overall very happy :)
Excellent product

by Stacey J Marsden on 06/01/2014

Fabulous service from Gadgets4Travel. The breathalyser ordered was the lite but this was out of stock so the company upgraded me, free of charge to the Elite, the next model up. I was delighted with the free upgrade and speedy delivery and the product appears to be very effective. It certainly is a good aid the following morning after drinking!
Don't second guess yourself again.

by Matt on 04/01/2014

Courtesy of Gadgets4Travel, I was sent this free of charge as opposed to my original order of the Alcosense lite . I was astounded with the potential of what this can do, the calibration side may be fidly, but it is necessary and the added five straws in the box was a great benefit to start with. Last year I would say I came close once to being over the limit (which I AM NOT PROUD OF), fortunately this now takes the guess work out and the morning afters won't be as risky. Ideal investment for 2014 as the police and even some work places clamp down on being under the influence... Dont second guess, potentially putting yourself and others at risk, get it.
alcosense elite

by Nh on 03/01/2014

Fantastic ssrvice and delivery. Very pleased to be upgraded due to stock issues. Brilliant and accurate device. Come in handy over festive period and so glad. It showed my husbands alcohol levels were very high at 13:30 in afternoon which was an eye opener and just goes to show you that you think your within safe limits but your actually not. Well worth ever penny and highly recommended to anyone.
Alcove se breathalyser

by Peter Jones on 30/12/2013

Does what it say,s on the box. A little difficult to set up but the instruction leaflet takes you through it step by step. I bought it for my daughter so she will know the morning after if it's safe to drive. Gadgets4 sent the Elite model for the same price as the Lite model which I had ordered as they had sold out the Lite model so hats off to them as it would not have been here for Christmas. I would recommend it for all drivers young and old.
Amazing device!

by Mr. S. K. Riding on 23/12/2013

I bought the AlcoSense unit as I was going on a company evening function for Christmas with some colleagues from our Sales Team.I wanted to be sure that myself and all our sales reps. had the ability to make a decision as to drive (or not) the following morning so I surprised them with the Alcosense at breakfast "the morning after"!No one was offended by my proposal that they each blow into the unit in fact it became a bit of a competition and the great news was that all the guys passed the test bar one who was borderline so he stayed back in the hotel for a couple of hours then tested again and got the all clear to drive.Everyone thought it was a great idea to have done the "group test" and we will definitely do the same again in the future.In fact a couple of the guys said they would buy a unit for themselves to keep in the car.A really great bit of kit!
Peace of mind

by RichmtBat on 02/12/2013

I was given an Elite Breathalyser as a present earlier this year. As I work for the Police, it is imperative that I am always safe to drive as some of my shifts start very early in the morning. Over the last 6 months I have tested the unit on a number of occasions after knowing how much I have drunk the previous evening - I have found that the breathalyser provides consistent and accurate results which I trust. The unit is simple and quick to use (takes less than a minute) and gives me peace of mind knowing that I am safe to drive the following morning.
Worth the cistern

by Les Torrance on 28/11/2013

I had read the reviews and it seemed like a very worthwhile investment especially with the festive period when there is always a nagging doubt the following morning, and this gives you a good degree of confidence.
Great bit of kit

by Barry D on 18/11/2013

Exellent, would recommend to anyone. May same pricey but how much do you value your licence and more importantly, you safety and that of others?
Just What The Police Ordered!!

by Mr. S. W. Brown on 14/11/2013

I wanted a simple to use breathalyzer, something I could use at a party or when out for a meal and wasn't to obvious, well the Elite fits the bill 100%. Having read the instructions carefully I found it easy to use and accurate - certainly very consistent. One or two of my friends have rather cheap quick test 'breathalyzers' - one is just a key ring really and their readings are all over the place, two consecutive readings are never the same. The Elite on the other hand gives consistent readings time after time. I would highly recommend this model and agree completely with What Car's verdict.

by Anne L. on 14/11/2013

We like a drink, but are always conscious that we may still be over the limit to drive the following morning.The Alcosense Breathalyzer has taken the worry away - it is so easy to use (after you've done the initial calibration) and on many a Sunday morning, it has been invaluable in stopping me from driving too soon!The only warning I would give, is dont use it just after having a cigarette, as you will get a totally wrong high reading.
Peace of mind

by Phil The Rope on 10/11/2013

Only had one for a few days, but extremely happy with it. Readings pretty much what I would have expected ...Morning after a couple of drinks the previous night, reading said "LO". That was fair enough, but I did wonder how accurate this was, so I did a more substantial test - 30 minutes after coming home from a lunchtime session watching rugby in the pub, I got a reading of 1 point something, which was hardly surprising. An hour or so later, when the alcohol was presumably still being processed by my body, the reading was "HI". 12 hours later the reading was "LO" again - a little surprised at this, but maybe my body is efficient? I wouldn't have driven anyway.The advice given in the instructions (read these carefully!) is not to drive unless the reading is "LO", which is sound advice.In reality, I'll only ever use this as a guide "the morning after" because I never drive immediately after a drink, even if it's only one pint.
Very handy bit of kit

by G. Sanders on 08/11/2013

Bought this as I thought it would be great to have as you hear about so many morning after drink drivers.It does require a bit of setting up that I wasn't expecting and the brief instructions seem a little daunting the first time you read them but read a few more times and it all makes sense. You really just need a bottle of white wine and a little common sense. The setup went very smoothly, drank the rest of the wine (naughty) and waited half an hour (you have to have nil by mouth for half hour before to help keep the sensor clean and prolong it's life). Blew just under the limit, receiving a yellow/red flashing screen advising me not to drive due the the high risk. Very impressed. Have conducted experiments with drinking different amounts and the results seem consistent and the unit is very easy to use. I do seem to clean alcohol faster from my system than alot of my friends, but still have to intention of driving unless I feel fully sharp.The instructions with the unit are due for high praise as they contain alot of facts that I didn't know, detailing the time it takes for alcohol to filter into your system and the cumulative effect this has. And to use it and see these effects in action is a real eye opener. After one night out my BAC kept rising for just over an hour after doing my first breath test peaking over and hour and a half after I stopped drinking. It really is a very educational and worthwhile product to have. It's also reassuring to know that if I do have two or three pints the night before that I'm ok though some people may not be. It's remarkable how differently people process alcohol than others though and I would thoroughly recommend this product as it's best just to be safe.Looking after it is fairly simple too. It will do a "quick clean" after every blow, and you can manually run an extended cleaning cycle which they recommend doing every couple of weeks. You also have the option of sending off for an annual service/deep clean which isn't too expensive and detailed in the documentation.
Christmas Present for Youngsters

by Mandy James West Sussex on 08/11/2013

I have bought 2 of these Breatherlisers for Christmas for a 21 and 19 year old. Obviously they have not tried them yet, but a fab pressie so they can be confident that they can drive after a night out with their friends. Always difficult to know what to buy this age group for Christmas and thought this was a different present and would be useful. Even if they are not driving they could have it with them and let their friends use it too.The product arrived quickly and very well packaged.
Better safe not sorry

by gr on 24/09/2013

I had heard stories that people who drink the night before could still be over the limit when they drive to work the next morning. Not wanting my family to be caught out in such a scenario, I thought this would be the ideal check. It gives peace of mind.
very pleased, worth paying extra £ for quality product.

by Mr. CD Gurney Two Account on 19/09/2013

very accurate and easy to use, sometimes difficult to negotiate correct 'blow pressure'. half hour wait after last drink unfortunate. very good for readings (morning after!)
Never leave home without it!

by Android on 20/08/2013

Drink driving is never a good idea, but sometimes, we don't even know ourselves if we're over the limit.This Alcosense Elite is probably the most important item I carry in my car. I've used it after a heavy a night many a time. After testing it on myself, friends, and family, it does sometimes give surprising readings, but it also acts as a real eye opener. I've allowed myself to wait a little longer before driving after testing myself a few times.To me, this doesn't just save your license, it could even save your life.I usually post reviews on books, games and films, but drink driving is something I am strongly against, and this Alcosense unit is nothing but a good idea, especially at its the reasonable price!
Great product

by Mark 007 on 01/08/2013

Easy to use and fantastic value for money. Clearly indicates if you are not fit to drive. I love it.
Be certain; breathalise!

by Jacydo on 08/04/2013

This item arrived the day after it was ordered, though we had not asked for special delivery. It was a bit of a hassle to 'set up' as it had to be given drinks of diluted wine! At first, we were not sure if it was registering correctly but, after several uses and comparisons between different family members, we are happy that it is doing so. My husband wanted it so that, if he has to drive 'the morning after', he will know that he is safe to do so. In that respect, I think we will find it invaluable.
Mine doesn't seem to work!

by W. Adams on 23/03/2013

Not easy to set up or use, and when I eventually did get round to things I could not persuade it to give a reading at all. Even after having a glass of wine it still said that my blood alcohol level was zero - unlikely to be true. Unfortunately I did not find this out until the warranty period had expired so no recourse there. You might be luckier, of course.
Very useful

by Ken on 17/03/2013

Bit fiddly to calibrate initially but very easy to use when done. Gives Great peace of mind driving the following morning after a few beers the night before

by Cymro on 02/03/2012

Set up as per instructions, which are a bit unclear, (therein lies the problem?).Despite 3-4 glasses of wine I gave apparently no alcohol in my breath !?!!A waste of money... off to sell it on eBay.....

by Craig J on 21/01/2012

Ha, got your attention, the reason i bought this was for 2 reasons...yep i know, "can i drive in the morning" Firstly, i saw this advertised in a well known car magazine, so went straight to amazon as you know you will get a good deal. well, i ordered the item and 2 days later it turned up, quick look at the instructions & off i went....WRONG you need to read them throughly and then try. It actually works well, there again, one morning over the festive period, I felt a little P$£2ed and took the test, didnt quite belive the reading so the car stayed put..We all know that you dont drink & drive, this is or can help re-assure you to prove that you are over/under...good price and happy with purcase
Licence Saver

by PaulG on 17/12/2011

This breathalyser seems to give an accurate reading of your intoxicaton level,and gives you re-assurance that you are safe to drive even though you have that morning after groggy feeling.
Safe Driving

by Janet Blackman on 07/12/2011

Excellent no more over the limity driving the next day you never know when that police car will be in the car park

by Lcy on 03/09/2011

The unit is very compact (like a mobile phone) so is easy to carry round. It isnt too difficult to set up and to use it is quite simple. It is mainly geared for use 'the morning after'. My reservations are that it should be cleaned properly on a regular basis and this is a right rigmarole. It entails having to make a diluted alcohol solution and then putting some of this into the machine to get a test reading. Also it states it should be serviced every year by sending it back (and paying obviously.)None of this was mentioned in the sales pitch. Maybe they are all the same, but I wish I had been given a bit more information when choosing.

by Callum on 17/01/2011

Delivered in good time, and appears to do what I expected it to do, which is all good. No issues with vendor or product.
safety first

by deadhead on 16/01/2011

excellent piece of equipment i use it every morning if i have had a drink the night before it gives me peace of mind and an idea of how much i can drink at night and still be under the limit next morning.
Excellent - but follow the instructions carefully!

by Andromeda on 15/11/2010

The big question is 'Is it accurate?' I doubt whether any home reviewer is in a position to answer that question with authority. All I can say is that based on reports I have read and on my own experience (the results are what I would have expected them to be) I have quite a high confidence in its accuracy.The point to realise is that there can be massive variations in the readings which have nothing to do with the accuracy of the instrument. The makers explain this clearly so take notice of the instructions!If you have any residual alcohol in the mouth it will affect the reading; you need to allow at least 30 minutes before testing. So as the makers make clear, this is definitely not a 'test yourself before driving home' tool. The readings can also fluctuate according to your breathing pattern. The reading can seem quite low after vigorous exercise, but rise considerably even a few minutes later when breathing normally. To be confident of an accurate reading you need to get into a normal breathing pattern and achieve consistency in at least three consecutive tests.Technically the instrument is fine and easy to use, very much resembling a slightly old fashioned mobile phone. My only problem is an inability to understand the scrolling menu! Thankfully it isn't often needed, but when it is I have to refer to the instructions.
save your license - and your relationship!

by cream bun on 21/10/2010

This is brilliant! The product is a lot better than the spelling of the supplier, so please do not put you off buying it! It stops arguments about whether you are over the limit (which is why it saves your relationship!) - and can obviously save your license! It is incredibly easy to use! It shows your alcohol reading - unless you are well over the limit, in which case it beeps very loudly and says 'high'! Although it comes with some straws, you will need more if you are going to use it regularly because they do crack and bend over time - but we do not use a new one every time we use the breathalyser!AlcoSense Elite Professional Breathalyser (20 Spare Straws)

by Andromeda on 18/05/2010

The most obvious question is "Is it accurate?" This is difficult to answer, but this is a top end product and from my own experience and other sources of reference I am reasonably confident that it's accurate if used sensibly and in accordance with the instructions.If used too soon after consuming alcohol the results will be affected by residual alcohol in the mouth and throat. The reading can also vary dramatically according to the breathing pattern just before use. It can be hard to get this right. For a reliable reading it is important to relax and breathe normally beforehand. I would recomment taking three readings to verify that a reasonable consistency of readings has been achieved.All in all I think this is a useful device which can make users aware that their blood alcohol levels are higher than they realised, even some time after drinking. It certainly isn't something that can be used to "drink up to the limit".As a gadget, it feels well made, is well designed and easy to use. It looks and feels like a slightly oversize mobile phone. My only criticism is the slightly awkard (for me) method of selecting "modes".

by Gordi on 26/04/2010

This is an excellent and easy to use product. If your ever in the situation where you've consumed alcohol and don't know if your fit to drive the following day then this is the product for could save your license.
Highly recommend

by Ms. L. P. Allardice on 21/04/2010

This alcosense is a handy little breathalyser, its very easy to put in your pocket and is one that would be recommended by police to own. I think this is a useful thing for anyone to have especially for the next day thinking your ok when you might still be over the limit. I bought one for myself and other family members and they are more than happy with it. Better to be safe than sorry!!!!