AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer rating: 4.9 with 84 ratings

AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

84 Review(s)

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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

84 Review(s)
  • AlcoSense Excel - Auto Express Best Buy 2016
  • AlcoSense Excel with Box
  • AlcoSense Excel
  • AlcoSense Excel Home Screen
  • AlcoSense Excel - Under Limit, Alcohol Present
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Zero or trace alcohol
  • Alcohol present but under the limit
  • Alcohol present, over the limit

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Rated 4.9/5 from 84 Customer Reviews

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by h j stiggelbout on 17/09/2017

I bought this because of its good reviews and becauseI wanted a decent, re-usable product. Initially to take to France but later because I wish to check my "status" and that of my children the morning after drinking.I received a free upgrade to the PRO model.The product is good looking, handles well and is a "breeze" to use.Instruction are clear and helpfulGREAT GADGET
Review on Husbands behalf.

by Elise on 14/09/2017

I ordered these on behalf of my Husband so cannot give a personal review however, my Husband works in a management position within an industry that requires alcohol testing to be done regularly. The fact that he has used this item previously and still continues to use them speaks for itself.Obviously a reliable item.
Best model in the range

by Mr Richard J Tod on 10/09/2017

Worth the extra money to upgrade from the semi conductor model. Easier to set up and use
Compact and reliable.

by William Hunter on 04/09/2017

Excellent and much easier and faster to use than previous breathalysers I've owned.
SImple to use and appears very accurate. Need to ...

by R. Beasley on 29/08/2017

SImple to use and appears very accurate. Need to read and understand the instructions before you use it for the first time!!
Easy to use.

by H.C. on 26/08/2017

Easy to use. Good for checking alcohol level the morning after a night out. Interesting how quickly the alcohol level does go down...I had 3 glasses of wine over about 3 hours and would not have driven again that day but in 2 hours I was down to half the limit. (shortly after drinking I was just above the limit) However, I have no intention of driving after drinking that much but as we live out in the country and have to drive everywhere I do enjoy 1 glass of wine with dinner so am happy to see that my alcohol level has always returned to 0 by the time I have finished my evening.
Five Stars

by david allen-butler on 24/08/2017

Excellent product, easy to use.
Excellent customer service

by Amazon Customer on 14/08/2017

Model was out of stock was given the newest version with no extra cost. Excellent customer service. Easy to use and a accurate as per description.
Nicely designed and simple to use

by Dr C. on 13/08/2017

Nicely designed and simple to use. We're going abroad and there is the option to set the alcohol breathalyser limits for any country. Very pleased with it.
Great little gadget

by rabbyboy on 11/08/2017

I have only owned my alcosense breathalyser for a short time.The reason I purchased it was that I could not be sure when it was safe to drive in the morning ,having had some drink the previous evening.I found it easy to set up and use following the detailed instructions supplied with the unit.I have used it a few times now and feel confident to drive when it gives me the all clear as it is set to give a warning while 20 per cent under the set limit. I do not drive until it goes green.I feel the government should subsidize the purchase of these units for all drivers as many are criminalised through lack of knowledge. I would recommend this unit to all drivers especially if their livelihood depends on having a licence.