AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer rating: 4.9 with 63 ratings

AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

63 Review(s)

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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

63 Review(s)
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  • AlcoSense Excel
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  • AlcoSense Excel - Under Limit, Alcohol Present
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Zero or trace alcohol
  • Alcohol present but under the limit
  • Alcohol present, over the limit

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Rated 4.9/5 from 63 Customer Reviews

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... upgraded version at no extra cost it is a brilliant piece of kit although it takes time to get ...

by Amazon Customer on 22/06/2017

i recieved the upgraded version at no extra cost it is a brilliant piece of kit although it takes time to get the blow tube in the correct position. As somoene who did have a drink driving offence this gives peace of mind, i do not get behind a wheel now especially in the morning unless way under the limit thank youfor giving me peace of mind
Great piece of kit.

by David Scully on 19/06/2017

Ordered the mid range model. Due to a delay in stock up date the one I had ordered was out of stock. The company very kindly up graded to a higher spec unit without charge. Very neat piece of kit. Easy to use. Just one tiny little niggle is that it needs re calibrating. Sure once that is resolved it will be very useful. Just don't want to rely on readings yet as it says that that may not be accurate until re calibrated.
Excellent machine

by Jim on 18/06/2017

I have waited 6 months to write this review, as appears to be the case for many other people I received the higher spec Pro version, for which I am very grateful, it was a nice touch to receive the model with the larger fuel cell sensor.It is difficult to come to trust a device like this at first because the reality is that people just don't know the real rate that their own body burns alcohol, this rate is actually fixed it does not matter how big or small you are the 'rate' is the same, however a larger person contains more blood so will read lower for the same number of drinks than a smaller person :)The burn off rate for a normal liver is 0.016% per hour that burn starts as soon as the alcohol hits your liver so even as you are drinking you are also metabolising it. People that have a drink problem can open up other metabolic pathways and burn alcohol slightly faster but that is not exactly something to be desired.This device can be set to display results using the 'per mille' symbol ‰ (parts per thousand), the limit for driving in the uk is 0.08% but the device will show its measurements as 0.8 with the symbol ‰ this is useful as 1.6 ‰ means twice the legal limit in England in my opinion it is easier to read and understand when set this way.So what does it all add up to, for me a device like this has to be accurate and quite simply that means you have to trust it, I bought some chemical breathalysers as well in order to do my own rough calibration, my results showed that this device is accurate and I have grown to trust it.The feature that allows you to set the device for other countries is a nice touch but really if I am at home in Scotland I know the limit is BAC 0.05% or 50mg per 100ml of blood which is less than the limit in England, so while nice it is not crucial.Physically after 6 months this device is still in good condition, it appears well built, it has used one set of 3 AAA Duracell batteries so far the second set are starting to run out now with the device showing 2 bars remaining many other reviewers I too received an email asking me to review the device but this was actually about 5 and 1/2 months ago, I took my own time before writing this, for me it is a very definite 5 star device and many thanks to the company for giving me the upgrade to the better version, much appreciated.
Brand new device and calibration out of date

by pedro on 15/06/2017

I am hoping that this will be only temporary review as I have emailed the CS and awaiting their reply...Upon switching the machine on, setting country/date etc there is an alarm that the calibration expired on 30/09/2016 (9 months)It is surprising and disappointing at the same time as I have purchased the device directly from Alcosense.I have tested the device last night and believe that the readings were inaccurate.Between 7pm-10pm I consumed 2x 500 ml bottles of 6% continental beer & 3x 40 ml shots of 35% French brandy. Measurements taken at 11pm were as 0.54% and less than 0.2% at 5am in the morning. I would imagine that consuming 8-9 units of alcohol within such a relatively short period would definetely make me illegal/unfit to drive. I certainly felt like i would never get behind the wheel...And yet the machine showed Amber but still within the legal limit in England and Wales... Was over the limit in Scotland as the limit there is 0.5%Dear AlcoSense - Can you please reply to my email sent to AND arrange for Free of Charge re-calibration considering that the device is brand new
Five Stars

by Ian Findlay on 05/06/2017

A well made and simple to use product and seems reliable so far.
I have used it for 2 weeks and have found it easy to use with intuitive controls/menu

by Amazon Customer on 05/06/2017

I opted for the cheaper model (Excel) and was pleasantly surprised when I received the Alcosense Pro at no extra cost; this was because the Excel was not available. I have used it for 2 weeks and have found it easy to use with intuitive controls/menu. I am a part-time delivery driver and it is important that I know my BAC before commencing work (my employer requires me to "self-certify" that I am not over the drink drive limit before I commence work so I can now use the archive facility on it to provide evidence in the event of a traffic incident while at work). It is also pleasing that this is a quality British product thus supporting UK industry against foreign competitors.
Five Stars

by rusty on 03/06/2017

compact and accurate stopped me from potentially becomeing a drink driver thats why i bought it
Fantastic & Accurate Device for Peace of Mind.

by vRS Stevie on 03/06/2017

Been looking at these devices for a number of years, the concern always being the morning after and not knowing if you are safe to drive or not, so always aired on the side of caution and arranged other transports methods just to be sure. Just to be clear, I am not using this device to make sure I'm just under, I want to make sure it is showing "Low less than 0.20 0/00 BAC" before I consider driving.Again as other reviewers I ordered the Excel model which has issues & was out of stock. Therefore the AlcoSense Pro was provided in its place. Which is the next model up and provided at the same price as the AlcoSense Excel. Which is a fantastic deal, and first time I have had this from any supplier, so many thx.Setting up the product was very straightforward and I have tested it several times and believe it is very accurate, which to be fair is vital as if it wasn't it would be basically useless. Plus you can set your own Country or manually enter the limit where you reside, which proves future proofing as the limits are reduced by Government.5 Blow Tubes are provided together with the batteries required, I also went for the case which is of good quality, but a little tight when you have the provided tubes in the same case, but does close easily.I too wasn't aware that the device needs to be re-calibrated by AlcoSense every 12 months, and has an re calibration date on starting up the device. But as stated earlier without accuracy the device is useless, so a hopefully minimal charge each year is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
Useful, reliable tester, easy to carry in the pocket.

by Amazon Customer on 01/06/2017

Very pleased. Simple to use. Tested it by by using at various levels of beer consumption over a week. Results were accurate and repeatable, based on expectations from established scientific knowledge of the absorption of alcohol into the bodies blood and then exhaled . Terry Norman.
I received the upgraded model

by D. Sanders on 31/05/2017

First of all I too received the Pro version. I also had an email asking for an honest review, which was brave of them because I had problems when I sent a device back a few years ago for calibration. Nonetheless that got sorted.I used to use an AlcoSense Elite, which was claimed to be top of its class. Eventually my first would only acknowledge you were blowing in it if you had spent the weekend downing 4 star. The replacement I bought when it couldn't be recalibrated aired somewhat on the side of caution; gave suspiciously high readings. I've also had an AL-6000 from somewhere which has replaceable sensors, but that was like a mate who wanted a lift home from the pub. "Yeah, you'll be alright" it was telling me after my twelfth pint and fourth G&T. I had another too but I lost that in a hotel in Blackpool. If you're interested.After waiting around all day to sober up from the mild session the night before I decided to try another. I bought an Alcohoot plug-in smart-phone device (about £70), with fuel cell technology. This too started well, but after about 50 tests it's started to fail to take a reading, or the app hangs. As someone who drinks a lot I decided to take a punt with the Excel. I was going to order the Pro, but after reading a few reviews here that others had been sent the pro after ordering the standard, I thought I'd take a chance and save £50. It paid off.The differences between the two seem to be the size of the sensor and the Pro has a flow meter to ensure an accurate sample and a "time till sober" calcuator.The design of the product is simple and clean. It fits well in your hand. The system boots rather quickly, and the menus allow you to change the BAC warning level by country easily. The valved mouth-pieces are awkward to get in at first, even harder when you're pissed, but it comes with time/sobriety.The display really does have a low resolution; like something out of a £20 iPhone knock-off, but it's not for displaying photos, it's to tell you whether or not you're sober enough to drive. It does this rather well.The unit displays your measured BAC content in mg/l, and the display background keeps it simple: Green is OK to drive, yellow for probably-best-leave-it-for-a-while-if-you-can, and red for "DON'T BE BLOODY STUPID BRUV!". Being able to easily change the limit by country (I believe the list is can be updated via the supplied micro USB cable) is handy if you're going on a continental pub crawl. It's also worth bearing in mind that Scotland has a lower limit than England, so even driving across the border could get you in trouble.A minor gripe is that the machine doesn't display a figure below 0.2%, I don't know why.I'm personally not a fan of the "Sober in..." display. It doesn't take body mass, level of activity or metabolism in to consideration. I suppose it's a ballpark-figure guide and nothing more.All in all, a useful, good looking device. Time will tell if results are accurate and if the machine is as reliable as it's brethren, let's hope it's better.