AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer rating: 4.9 with 172 ratings

AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

172 Review(s)

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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

172 Review(s)
  • AlcoSense Pro Auto Express Magazine Award Winner
  • AlcoSense Pro Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Pro Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Pro Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Pro Breathalyzer
  • Backlit Mouthpiece for use in low light
  • AlcoSense Pro Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Pro Breathalyzer with Mouthpiece
  • AlcoSense Pro Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016
  • AlcoSense Pro Award Winner - Auto Express Recommended Product

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Rated 4.9/5 from 172 Customer Reviews

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Excellent (British manufactured) product

by Ian M. on 23/08/2017

Excellent (British manufactured) product. Well designed, easy to set up (for UK Scotland levels), easy to use and, if used as directed, appears to be very accurate. Swift delivery. Follow up email from the Alcosense Managing Director outlining their commitment to quality service and support appreciated.
peace of mind

by Amazon Customer on 22/08/2017

Very easy to use and it is reassuring to know that you are clear to drive the morning after
brilliant piece of equipment

by nick on 17/08/2017

brilliant piece of equipment ,have used the cheap ones,and the fifty pound ones ,could not really trust them! so its expensive but worth every penny,clear instructions,clear readings. would definitely recommend.
Great for the morning after decision to drive.

by Cristin Bouchet on 09/08/2017

British made! This really works, not necessary, but fun to use when you are obviously drunk, but VERY useful the next morning.Very accurate. Battery life good, not cheaply made, feels like "quality" great responsible present for the drinking adults in your family.
What an eye-opener

by Kyla Phillips on 30/07/2017

Fantastic.....and quite an eye opener!Occasionally have a drink on a 'school night' as we call it. 99% of the time we feel a ok next morning but have wondered if once or twice we would have been over the limit so got this to be on the safe side. Hubby tried it the next morning before going to work- he felt absolutely sober as a judge......the alsosense told him to wait 7 hours before driving! We were stunned. He rang into work and booked the day off!What scared us was that he felt fine and had driven into work on numerous occasions before.....he is so lucky to not have been pulled over and lose his license.We no longer drink 'on a school night' !!
Great Unit, good for piece of mind

by ANDREW JONES on 26/07/2017

Great Unit, good for piece of mind. I have nothing to compare it to, so will have to trust it!
Good design, easy to use

by Paranomia on 17/07/2017

I delayed my review so I could thoroughly test this breathalyser.Firstly, do not buy cheap breathalysers unless you are just using them for fun, they are worse than not using them at all - the last thing you need is to be lulled into a false sense of security!I had the opportunity to test the Alcosense Pro against other MUCH more expensive evidence equipment and the results were impressive. Within reason, I would trust this unit to give me accurate readings if used correctly - remembering to wait a while after brushing your teeth (oops!) or using mouthwash etc but most things to avoid are common sense.My only gripe is that you have to buy the next model up (at an extra £100) to be able to download the readings to a computer. You can update the software using a supplied USB cable although a required driver is not digitally signed so my computer refuses to install it.Other reviewers have complained that it requires calibration each year but this is not expensive and keeps the thing accurate. I suspect the complainers don't give their cars a service either... ????That said, I am totally satisfied with this breathalyser and would recommend it to anyone. It is a well designed unit, easy to use and solidly made although I thought it prudent to get a carry-case for it. Even better; designed and made in the UK, good to see home grown innovation alive and well. Keep it up people!
AlcoSense Breathalyser

by Amazon Customer on 12/07/2017

Just recently purchased this I have used it several times, and found it very easy to use.Easy to read unlike other ones I have tried.So far very impressed and would recommend.
Pocket sized protection

by Kevin:)) on 11/07/2017

Great pocket analyser. Easy to read and the 'blow coach' aids in the ease of use. The world function makes it ideal for travellers to choose location, always ready and the memory and 'time till sober/alarm' allows you to plan ahead.
Five Stars

by A. MCEWAN on 26/06/2017

Very good. Easy to use, gives a very clear readout.