AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
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AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

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AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

Winner of the What Car? Magazine Best Breathalyzer under £40 and arguably the best entry level breathalyzer on the market.

Available in two versions - one set to alert the user at the Scottish/Irish drink drive limit, the other to the English/Welsh/Northern Irish limit.
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer


AlcoSense Lite

What Car AlcoSense Lite Review


AlcoSense Lite may be our entry level product but the design certainly doesn't cut any corners. It may not have all of the technology of the Elite but for the occasional user looking for an indication of their level of intoxication the AlcoSense Lite will more than fit the bill.

Lite at a glance:

  • What Car? Magazine Best Breathalyzer under £40
  • Intermediate semi-conductor sensor
  • Fixed drink drive limit – choose Scottish/Irish version or English/Welsh version at checkout
  • Use it again and again
  • Clear results in seconds

Easy to Use

Like it’s bigger brother, the AlcoSense Lite has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. To do a breath test all you need to do is turn the unit on, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps while holding the Blow key down. Easy!

Scotland, England or both?

On 5th December 2014 Scotland lowered its drink drive limit from 0.8‰BAC (80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood) to 0.5‰BAC (50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood), England and Wales stay at 0.8‰BAC. AlcoSense reads across both limits so you can use the Scottish or English version of the product in either territory. The Scottish version displays a ‘Don’t Drive’ alert from 0.3‰BAC upward and the English/Welsh version from 0.6‰BAC upwards.

Easy to Understand Results

AlcoSense™ Lite shows your level of intoxication in ‰ BAC (percent of blood alcohol content) and shows your reading in increments of 0.1 (If you require a more detailed readout or in mg/l please see the AlcoSense Elite). The AlcoSense Lite even alerts you when you are close to or over the drink drive limit. Please see the screen shots below.

Screen shots Alcosense Lite
Alcosense Lite

Sleek Design

Pocket sized, it can discretely be kept anywhere. AlcoSense™ Lite measures only 105mm (height) x 45mm (width) x 25mm (depth). It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries meaning that you can use it anywhere at any time.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

The AlcoSense Lite has an ASC feature, manually selected by the user, which is a deep clean of the sensor and should be undertaken periodically to remove containment like residual alcohol and oxidisation from the sensor. If you intend to use your system regularly we would suggest considering the AlcoSense Elite which automatically self cleans after every blow test.

Use it Again & Again

Using the latest sensor technology and innovations AlcoSense™ Lite can be used again and again meaning that it is a secure investment. We recommend waiting at least a minute between blow tests to allow any residual alcohol left in the blow chamber to evaporate, ensuring an accurate reading. If you wish to do multiple tests, one straight after the other, we recommend considering the AlcoSense Elite for its sensor clean and purge feature.

Alcosense Lite Design


Every AlcoSense unit is tested for accuracy three times before leaving our factory. As a result our quality control is arguably the best in the industry meaning that you can have 100% faith in our products. AlcoSense Lite has industry leading accuracy of +/-0.2‰BAC which is unique in this price range. If greater accuracy is required please see the AlcoSense Elite.

Why Delay?

Part of the responsible enjoyment of alcohol is to understand its effect on the body and to understand when you are safe to drive, AlcoSense™ helps people do exactly that and takes out the potentially fatal guess work the morning after. Don’t leave it to chance, order yours today.


Additional Information

Suitable forConsumer Use
AwardsWhat Car? Best Breathalyser Under £40, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner
Certified StandardISO9001
Product Accuracy±0.20‰BAC at the drink drive limit
Sensor TypeIntermediate Semi-Conductor
Sensor Size (mm²)N/A
Police SensorNo
Breath Sampling SystemN/A
Don't Drive Alert When Close to LimitYes
Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert LevelFixed - England/Wales/N. Ireland, Fixed - Scotland/Ireland
BlowCoach* - Real time blowing feedbackN/A
Features - Ease of UseDon't Drive Alert When Close to Limit
Features - AccuracyNo
Unit of Measure‰BAC (Blood Alc)
Reading DetailUp to 1 decimal place
Max Reading (‰BAC)1.2
Test MemoryNone
Screen Size (Diagonal)28mm
Screen TypeLCD
Mouthpiece TypeBlow Tubes
Re-Calibration Period12 Months
Re-Calibration Cost£19.99 inc VAT
Expiry DateNo
Product Dimensions(H x W x D): 100 x 45 x 25 mm
Product Weight84g (Including Batteries)
In The Box1 Breathalyzer, 5 Blow Tubes, Instruction Manual
Warranty12 Months
Media Reviews

Media Reviews

What Car Best Breathalyser under £40


AlcoSense Lite - Winner – Best Breathalyser under £40.

"Excellent performer for such a low price. Follow the instructions carefully and this budget unit can punch above its weight. The AlcoSense Lite was the best of the cheaper models, and not far off the best mid-priced units. The Lite is the pick of the discount devices."

Full review can be read here:




Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner


 Alcosense Lite

Road Safety Analysis AlcoSense Lite Results


"This was our cheapest device in our test, and can be picked up for around £40. It certainly doesn’t feel cheap though, and in my opinion has the nicest looking display of all of the devices we’ve tested. It’s results were around about on the mark. It performed formidably in the lab testing."

Reproduced with kind permission from Road Safety Analysis Ltd.

Read the full review here.



Diesel Car Breathalyser ReviewGroup Test Runner-Up
Winner: AlcoSense Elite


In December 2014 Diesel Car Magazine performed a group test of 9 consumer breathalysers, the AlcoSense Elite won the group test with the AlcoSense Lite coming in as runner up.

"Well priced for the quality. Ease of use is good. Very good accuracy with readout to one decimal place. Verdict is a simple and easy to use pocket breathalyzer"


 Sunday Post Breathalyzer Group Test WinnersGroup Test Runner-Up
Winner: AlcoSense Elite

On 7th December 2014 The Sunday Post newspaper performed a group test with 4 consumer breathalyzers pitched head to head against a Lion 500 Police Breathalyzer. The AlcoSense Elite won the group test, with the AlcoSense Lite finishing runner up. At the reference reading of 50mg/100ml of alcohol in blood the AlcoSense Elite exactly matched the Lion 500 Police Breathalyzer and after expetensive testing concluded:

"AlcoSense Lite: Closely matched Police standard unit"




Traffic Safe AlcoSense Lite Review


"Breath testing specialists at AlcoSense have a range of breathalyzers that are affordable, portable and easy to use and TrafficSafe took the AlcoSense Lite model to test over a period of six months. It’s been passed around the office, flung into briefcases, kept in glove compartments, forgotten, accidentally set off a couple of times when sat on and subjected to the usual rigours endured by portable electronics but it still looks good, works well and even still has the original batteries in it. Interpreting the readings is also simple. The display shows the %BAC figure and a warning triangle if you’re close to the 0.8% limit and a “don’t drive” symbol if you’re 0.8% or over. At just under £40, the AlcoSense Lite is an inexpensive addition to the contents of your glovebox and highly recommended. 

Read the full review by clicking here.




"An affordable and reusable tool for testing your blood-alcohol levels...a useful device, particularly for the morning after the night before.."

"..we think the AlcoSense Digital Breathalyser Lite will indeed give you a good guide as to whether you are risking driving over the allowed limit."

"...having this gadget on hand will certainly give you a quick sense check the morning after should you be in any doubt."

Read the full review by clicking here


Customer Reviews

Rated 4.6/5 from 96 customer reviews

Good for the price but not exactly what I wanted

by Philip Drury on 20/03/2018

Easy to use device for checking you are OK to drive the morning after the night before.Note that in the product description it says 'Accurate to ±0.25%o BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) '. In practice this means the reading displayed only places the user in one of 6 bands (that's all I've found, anyway) rather than giving an exact figure, but in fairness this is the entry level version. I'd be tempted to spend a bit more and get a device which gives an accurate reading.
Broke within 8months

by Rachel H. on 18/03/2018

Broke with in 8 months
Find this really good for testing if I'm over the limit in the ...

by john on 18/03/2018

Find this really good for testing if I'm over the limit in the morning after drinking and most of the time i an

by brett on 18/03/2018

Great product! Small and neat and appears to be very accurate. Definitely recommend this product
Real good device for the money I had 2 cans of ...

by Amazon Customer on 16/03/2018

Real good device for the money I had 2 cans of Perla pills drink 6% alcohol and breath tested myself and the flashing car symbol started flashing and beeping to let me no not to drive very accurate this device is. I had 8 cans of the same drink Perla pills polish larger very nice pills drink it is, finished drinking around 12 o’clock at night breath tested at 7 o’clock in morning over limit took till 11 o’clock to read zero
Didn't work

by Andrew H. on 14/03/2018

Disappointing, sent it back and picked up a cheaper one from Aldi that works
Five Stars

by Kindle Customer on 12/03/2018

Excellent product - very happy with what was purchased and service excellent.Thanks
... alcohol has left the system even though you feel fine moments. It was easy to set up

by AnneMarie Sadleir on 12/03/2018

Received this last week as a precautionary measure for those 'morningafter' questions of whether the alcohol has left the system even though you feel fine moments.It was easy to set up, instructions in good clear english. Feels good quality without being gimmicky.Left it in the drawer and was just about to sit with my 17 year old whilst he practiced in my car and thought that I would try it out as I had had wine with my Mother'sDay lunch. Soo pleased that I tested myself as I was in fact over the limit to drive (or oversee a learner driver) even though I felt fine.Brilliant product, well worth the money. Easy to use. Clear results.
Don't drink and drive

by Amazon Customer on 12/03/2018

A friend produced Alcosence on a morning after a night out and the reading stopped me from driving for a couple of hours even though I thought I was ok to drive so now I have bought one for myself. Well worth the money if it's going to keep my driving safe.
Exactly as advertised

by Frank Smith on 11/03/2018

Product is as advertised. Very well packaged does exactly what it says very good value.
Five Stars

by Ms R L Kirkup on 08/03/2018

Great gift
Use it for my children - a really good wake up call

by Amazon Customer on 28/02/2018

Use it for my children - a really good wake up call! Literally as the morning after has proved to be very illuminating!
Bad product

by anthony branthwaite on 26/02/2018

Does not work properly gives different readings all the time could not trust it at all also gives a alcohol reading when i have not touched a drop would not buy again
Doesn't work even after following all the instructions.

by Big B on 26/02/2018

Tested high when I had no alcohol for the week, and tested low when I was quite tipsy.
Seems to do the job.

by B.Munro on 25/02/2018

Used for time first time this morning, last drink at 9:00 last night and showed clear.
Saved my license a few times... Before ...

by o p ryan-hoare on 25/02/2018

Saved my license a few times... Before I purchased mine, I use to drive after a weekend of drinking. Being a self employed courier, I now have the tool to ascertain if I go to work or not.. And quite often it tells me not to..
Worth the money

by Totally skint on 23/02/2018

Very simple to use and I've not had any operational issues. Very handy for the morning after, comes with good clear instructions. Seems to work very well for the cost, we'll worth the money.
all I can say was the old sensor was an excellant product it is easy to use along with giving you a measurement it ...

by Strong bow on 22/02/2018

This is a replacement for one that was broken of the same model so I've not used the new one yet, all I can say was the old sensor was an excellant product it is easy to use along with giving you a measurement it also gives a coloured light indication yellow or red depending on the amount of alcohol you've consumed.Not much else to say about it, cannot say how accurate it is but sure someone will have been able to compare it with a police issue one and posted review
Five Stars

by C ADAMS on 22/02/2018

xmas present requested says he tests himself every morning and it works
Five Stars

by Jess Morrow on 21/02/2018

This is a handy little gadget that can be used the morning after to check your alcohol levels.
very easy to read instructions

by Mr J Patterson on 18/02/2018

Arrived on stated day does exactly as described.very easy to read instructions.We brought this on on advice from a friend who has used it for some time. It has kept him safe form driving.
easy to set up and use

by richard whitham on 12/02/2018

reasonably priced,small and compact, easy to set up and use, and hopefully will help me keep my licence and not to put others in danger. what more could you ask for. gets a big thumbs up from me and A+ for customer service.

by Nick66 on 05/02/2018

Yes well
Not sure if it’s accurate

by Mr Neil DURNO on 04/02/2018

Just came home from the pub and I had 1 pint of ciders and maybe 10 g&t’s so thought I’d try the breathalyser and see, it read 0.3 bac which means I’m able to drive. Don’t think I can trust it because there’s no way I’m fit to drive.
Handy to use, small, compact and credible results

by Conn Clissmann on 01/02/2018

Great Product - Handy to use, small, compact and credible results. I use this in the morning to ensure I am on the safe side of the limit. Recommended. The only caveat is that the instructions state first valid test is within 30 of drinking, so not for use as you leave the pub!
Very good product

by Richard, Jersey on 30/01/2018

Very good product - easy to use when primed
100 percent accurate

by rockyroy on 26/01/2018

This is a quality item and very pleased with my purchase
Seems to work very well. I have at the ...

by Mr F. on 23/01/2018

Seems to work very well. I have at the weekends been experimenting with different alcohol intakes and it does record different levels. So yes I would trust this device to save some ones licence the morning after.
Three Stars

by Ann C on 21/01/2018

takes a while to work out the settings
Top gear

by gordon veitch on 19/01/2018

Very useful, great price
Good Quality Product

by Marki on 15/01/2018

Works well and is easy to use, you do need to set it up first of all but the instruction are nice and clear.
Fine - but it's VERY over cautious.

by Mr. A. White on 15/01/2018

I don't "hate" the product is just really "on the safe side". My wife (who's tea-total) is getting fed-up of driving back from socials after I've only had one glass of wine. I happen to know (from experience) that two glasses of wine is fine (or a couple pints of reasonably strong beer/lager) as I've been breathalyzed by the police and passed with no problem at all. This device says '1.2 BAC' which is over the limit on only one glass of very fine wine.
Best Buy ever

by linda lowe on 12/01/2018

An absolute must for morning after better to be safe. Bought this after reading reviews and quite frightening how easy it is to be over limit.
Five Stars

by Mags McQuade on 11/01/2018

Easy to use and works well
Five Stars

by Jill Blair on 11/01/2018

Easy to use and accurate
Compact, light and very easy to use

by Brasil1970 on 10/01/2018

Compact, light and very easy to use. Used it under certain scenarios and found it to be very accurate. Recommended purchase. Prompt delivery at a very busy time of year.
Fantastic piece of kit

by Mr N. on 08/01/2018

Fantastic piece of kit. Very easy to set up and works brilliantly. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.
Great Product !

by MRS F. on 07/01/2018

Brilliant device . . . quick delivery -would recommend seller and this product
Great product, well worth the money

by Henry8 on 07/01/2018

This is a great little product. You have to be patient to set it up when you get it but once you’ve done that it’s incredibly easy to use. We found it gave us a really good idea of where we stood ‘the morning after’. It’s well made and well worth the money.
Five Stars

by Boo Hoo on 05/01/2018

Fabulous. Worth buying as it opens your eyes. Thank you
easy to use

by Amazon Customer on 04/01/2018

Arrived very quickly. Compact and lightweight, easy to use, great product.
Excellent piece of kit which gives real piece of mind ...

by Trustmetours on 03/01/2018

Excellent piece of kit which gives real piece of mind when thinking about driving the morning after drinking the night before. We tested ours on arrival home in the early hours from a big NYE celebration and I was way over the limit which was to be expected. By 9am I was still over the limit, but only just but by 11am I was blowing well under the limit so was very confident I was fit and legal to drive. It's not the cheapest Breathalyser on the market but it's worth it when you consider the long term cost of a lost licence etc.
Set for outdated Scottish drink drive limit.

by Thomas M. on 03/01/2018

Easy to use and seems to work well. Down side is I ordered one for the Scottish drink drive limit and this reads for the old limit and not the new one of 22 micrograms. Also the reading is to only one decimal place so reading would be 0.2 so this could either be 0.21 (under limit) or 0.24 (over limit). Gives you a rough idea though.
A great product

by We love New York on 02/01/2018

Excellent product, easy to use and the results are displayed very quickly. Somebody recommended it to me and I would definitely recommend it to others, it's probably the best money spent on something that could easily cost you your licence through drinking and driving.
Really pleased with this handy little gadget

by Sarah on 02/01/2018

Really pleased with this handy little gadget, great to have piece of mind for the morning after! I did order a pack of extra tubes but in hindsight that probably wasn’t necessary as washing them through is fine.
Five Stars

by margaret hume on 31/12/2017

Quick promo delivery of item and easy and simple to use with clear instructions
Five Stars

by Iainoco on 30/12/2017

Awesome product. Seems accurate.
A great reasonably priced breathalizer

by Mr D McCusker on 28/12/2017

A great reasonably priced breathalizer, giving accurate indication for the morning after. Easy to set up.Well pleased with it and would recommend it.

by MR . Reid on 28/12/2017

Great product, my daughter bought one and is great if you want to test yourself the morning after.
seems ok

by Nick D. on 28/12/2017

seems to do the trick wanted a breath tester for morning after just in case
Brilliant device

by Mark E on 27/12/2017

This is a really good product which looks to give accurate readings. It is really useful to know that you are under the limit with all the festive parties. Would recommend this to anyone with a driving license who has the odd drink.
Fantastically useful and quality product

by Mrs J S A Denham on 27/12/2017

Fantastically useful and quality product. Bought 2 for the young drivers mainly for testing the morning after limits. We tried it out one evening following the detailed instructions, and it was really interesting to see who could drink what before hitting the drink drive limit plus how quickly some bodies took for that level to drop faster than others. Obviously nobody should drink and drive but knowing your personal legal limits is really useful.
Great product

by M Ivatt on 27/12/2017

Arrived very quickly, easy to set up and use - has been well used over Festive period. Great product
Five Stars

by Fergus Ryan on 27/12/2017

Excellent product. Would really recommend. Very user friendly.
Quality product

by James on 27/12/2017

Simple and easy to use. This replaces an earlier model which was more complicated and temperamental.
Sturdy, reliable and very easy to use

by TW on 27/12/2017

Sturdy, reliable and very easy to use. Great for the morning after, and my 20-year-old daughter makes her friends use it too. Highly recommended.
Five Stars

by mark on 26/12/2017

Good product does what it says
Seems quite good so far

by joshua leadbetter on 26/12/2017

Seems quite good so far. The only bad point is that the box it comes in isnt the best to store it in and as theres a few didferent plastic bits etc in there it would be better in a more suitable box
Must have

by Hutchie on 25/12/2017

Excellent product my wife used it for the first time the morning after a night out and was shocked to find she was over the limit to drive at 8.30am

by Jake C. on 25/12/2017

Works great, does everything it says it will. Have used it to make sure I’m suitable to drive after a few drinks the night prior.Great product.
This is a good wee gadget

by Heather Greer on 24/12/2017

This is a good wee gadget, and I'm very glad I bought it. To be honest (not many people seem to admit this), I wanted to find out whether I could drink a pint and still be safe - where we live is in the depths of the west of Ireland, and the pub is the only place people can meet - and the weather is almost always wet and windy! The pub is a mile away on a back road, and people do drink and drive.I learnt quite a bit from the breathalyser. First, that one pint of Guinness seems to keep me under the limit. Second, that two puts me on the edge. Three, it seems to be affected VERY much by how bulky the person is; a smaller, lighter person will be over the limit very quickly. And yeas: the reading increases for quite a while after having had a few drinks, regardless of how much one eats. It has made me MUCH more careful. And I know....shouldn't encourage drink-driving. But this gadget has made me much more thoughtful about that.I think that for next-morning drivers, especially professional drivers, it's an important piece of equipment, and I really recommend it. I could wish it had a slightly higher accuracy, but for 50£ what can a person expect? And as the booklet says, there are so many factors affecting what your alcohol level will be, for some hours after taking a drink that the accuracy is good enough to tell a person that consuming more than one would seem foolish (I know, don't drink anything - but people will...).The initial calibration, using a drop of 50-50 wine and water, is slightly fiddley, but not difficult.
Excellent product will highly recommend to all our friends and ...

by Ian D. on 24/12/2017

Excellent product will highly recommend to all our friends and family gives you a piece of mind and know that your safe to drive the next day
Great product.

by GELLATELY on 23/12/2017

Great product .... Wee bit more expensive than other similar products but it works very very well. Just bought a new one because the last one packed in after four years regular use
Fantasitc peice of kit

by Jason on 20/12/2017

Excellent item fantastic quality and does exactly as it says it would, definitely recommend this product as a must have these days
Well made and simple to use - lot of kit for the money - really really pleased I got one

by darron ward on 19/12/2017

Ok so buy one - takes all the doubt away as to wether your "ok" to drive or not - use it on my sons who think they are ok - this takes any doubt or ambiguity away. Well made and simple to use - lot of kit for the money - really really pleased I got one
Cheap plastic rubbish!

by Gaz W. on 18/12/2017

Would only switch on if I pressed heavily on the casing. As soon as I let go it went off again. Obviously has in loose connection or dry solder joint somewhere inside. So much for quality control!! Sent it straight back.
Better safe than sorry !

by Amazon Customer on 17/12/2017

Purchased the alco sense as I needed a trusted brand to make sure I wasn’t risking my job and more by driving inadvertently next morning over the festival season. The unit is good quality and seems to work well. It will give piece of mind so well worth the money
Five Stars

by Mr I R Fraser on 17/12/2017

Fantastic product, very easy to use
Good product

by KD on 16/12/2017

It seems to work well so far. No complaints.
Five Stars

by best deal on 16/12/2017

very good thank you
Five Stars

by Amazon Customer on 14/12/2017

the item is good
Five Stars

by Mr. M. House on 14/12/2017

A real life saver
Simple instructions and so easy to use

by Julia M. on 14/12/2017

We bought this as knew we would need over the holidays. Came next day and well worth the money we spent. Simple instructions and so easy to use. Would definitely recomend this make and product
Absolute must!

by Mick on 14/12/2017

Great piece of kit.Just ordered another one for my son.Very happy
Exactly what i was looking for - easy to use

by Mr M. on 12/12/2017

Exactly what i was looking for - easy to use, compact and a great price. Ticks all the boxes. An invaluable piece of equipment.
I am not convinced it is 100% accurate but has to be better than just guessing

by T. J. Smith on 12/12/2017

This really does seem to work. The process of calibration takes a little while but I am hoping it is well worthwhile. I tested it after drinking and it seems to be fairly accurate (don't forget to leave it at least 30 minutes after drinking before using). The morning after a night if drinking, you could see that it would track the alcohol in your system reducing. I am not convinced it is 100% accurate but has to be better than just guessing.
Essential piece of equipment for every drinker

by C J FINN on 10/12/2017

Was so impressed with the first one I have purchased two more to give as gifts to my alcoholic family.Easy to operate, frightening to know what it tells you!
Five Stars

by Barr Demolition Limited on 08/12/2017

Good product, quick delivery, works perfectly. Many thanks.

by Paul S on 04/12/2017

Whenever I am driving - I don't drink - it really is that simple - but on occasions where I may have a drink on an evening and then need to drive the next day, I wanted to be extra sure that I would never be in a situation where I could jeopardise myself or others by having alcohol in my system - so this offered the peace of mind to check for myself. Great price and delivery was quicker than expected - and it's so easy to use. After trying the unit when it arrived (it was the afternoon so there was no danger of there being any positive readings) it reported zero BAC as expected - and then on the evening at around 8pm I had a whisky and coke - and checked the unit at 9.30pm and I had a 0.2% BAC - below the legal drink drive limit but clearly registering a presence. Since then I have had great fun in trying the unit after various evenings out on the run up to Christmas (purely in the interests of science and research you understand!) and it is surprising just how few drinks can put you in the borderline safe / unsafe to drive category. This is a great unit - wholly portable (it reminds me of the old Nokia phones in terms of size and shape although much lighter in weight) so there really is no excuse - and it's a great gift that could potentially save someone's life. Dramatic but true! 10/10 Highly recommended!
Five Stars

by Lauren on 02/12/2017

One Star

by John on 02/12/2017

clumsy mouth piece
Five Stars

by Mrs S. Martin on 30/11/2017

It works well and is comforting to know next morning that it is safe to drive.
Five Stars

by leslie mills on 28/11/2017

Very pleased with the alcosense product. Easy to use and reassuring. Arrived on time

by James Slater on 23/11/2017

Excellent piece of kit. Simple to use with clear read-out. Excellent instruction booklet - including arrangements for re--calibrate & refurbishment.
times two

by 50 something on 22/11/2017

Had the previous model, this one much more sophisticated and very easy to use.
easy to use

by Peter Lacey on 21/11/2017

A simple, easy to use, effective product that does exactly what you want it to do !
Time to use a product you can trust

by Kingsbayfisherman on 21/11/2017

I bought a cheap import just to see if I was safe to drive the day after drinking. Then I gave the subject more thought and realised how important it is to be sure that the reading is accurate and I do not feel safe trusting my driving future to a cheap product. Hence I took Which's advice and bought the AlcoSense Lite.I am sure that what the police use is accurate and I want to make sure my product is as good as theirs, with a recommendation from Which I can be sure it is.

by GPS on 21/11/2017

Five Stars

by Jane on 18/11/2017

A great little product, I wouldn't get in the car after a night out without it. Thank you!
Five Stars

by Kenneth Lindsay on 14/11/2017

Reassuring product

by clara33 on 13/11/2017

Easy to use and provides good peace of mind.Hubby tried it at weekend and said before trying he thought he was ok to drive..just over the limit!! Definitely makes you more aware which is only a positive thing.
Five Stars

by Mrs S E H Graham on 12/11/2017

Easy & effective - one should be in every carb as part of safe driving.
And Blow...

by Caroline Carr on 11/11/2017

Amazing, handy size to carry around, well worth the money, would recommend
... i bought it over a week ago it is easy to use and seems to be accurate have tried ...

by brian w holmes on 11/11/2017

i have been trying this product daily since i bought it over a week ago it is easy to use and seems to be accurate have tried it at night (dont drive) and in the morning (LO) so i am satisfied its a good product.
Five Stars

by CHRISTINE HEADLAM on 10/11/2017

excellent piece of kit well impressed
Quality feel and easy to use

by Mr O on 05/11/2017

Use this after nights out to be doubly sure I'm ok to drive. Very convenient size for the glove box.Used on Christmas day which was a bit pointless but hilarious results.Recommendation is buy a few more plastic tubes with it for spares.