AlcoSense Breathalysers pass new enhanced certification

Friday, May 06, 2016

AlcoSense Singles NF breathalysers, the single use breathalyser approved for use in France, is the first product to have been tested and passed under the new, more stringent NF standard.


From March 2016 breathalysers cannot be manufactured under the old NFX-20-702 (June 2013) standard, and can now only be manufactured under the new standard. Presently the AlcoSense NF breathalyser is the only product on the market which can be manufactured and bear the NF approval logo. The new standard introduce tougher temperature and humidity testing, accuracy testing and usability tests under various lighting conditions.


Products manufactured before 2016 will still be legal and valid to be used and carried in France until the items reach their pre-printed expiry date.


Redline Products Ltd and AlcoSense Breathalysers are proud to be the first to have passed the latest NFX standard.

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