AlcoSense Excel and Pro Take Top Car Magazine Awards

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In its prestigious pre-Christmas party season product group test for consumer breathalysers,  Auto Express magazine has awarded the new AlcoSense Excel  and AlcoSense Pro the top two positions on the winners' podium.

 Auto Express Best Buy          Auto Express Recommended 2016

AlcoSense, experts in consumer self-testing breathalysers, wins the group test with the magazine's top Five Star rating and ‘Best Buy’ for AlcoSense Excel for "a great combination of price and performance” - with its bigger brother, the AlcoSense Propriced £50 higher,  winning a coveted ‘Recommended’ status where it topped the accuracy tests and Auto Express summarized “For the next step up, look no further than the Pro”.


Ten breathalysers from six brands were subjected to five different types of tests by Auto Express, focusing on accuracy as "your license is on the line if a unit reads low, and the device is not doing its job if it is consistently high".  The five tests performed used certified breath alcohol simulators with samples for Scotland (0.22mg/L of alcohol in breath) and England (0.35mg/L).  Sensitivity was rated at a low 0.09mg/L level, plus the magazine looked at how units recover after a high alcohol sample (0.60mg/L) by taking alternative readings between the two.  Readings were checked against a police-spec breathalyser after each set of tests.  Ease of use, instructions, alerts and price were all rated.


Auto Express said of the winner, AlcoSense Excel, launched this November, that: “this brand new fuel-cell device is a breeze to use.  It has the same high-quality casing and the display is a step above the rest, plus it’s easily seen while blowing.  Alcohol limits for different countries can be set and instructions are comprehensive... it proved accurate at all levels.  A great blend of price and performance."  


The AlcoSense Excel is the first breathalyser under £100 to use a smaller version (64mm2) of exactly the same sensor used in several UK Police-approved breathalysers (200mm2) bringing a new level of accuracy and reliability for drivers at this price.


In addition to giving detailed readings to two decimal places in either blood (‰BAC) or breath (mg/L) alcohol concentrations, the new AlcoSense Excel will alert you when you are close to or over your set limit. It will work with any limit worldwide and can be changed between limits simply and easily - ideal if people drive abroad on holiday or between Scotland and England, for example, where different limits apply. 


It is also the first breathalyser at this price to feature a full colour screen and intuitive graphic user interface giving on-screen prompts and tips, making it exceptionally easy to use.


"But it’s not just about being under or over the limit. Studies show that if you drive while having only one-eighth of the English drink drive limit in your system (one fifth of the Scottish limit), you are 37% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than when sober*,” said Hunter Abbott, MD of AlcoSense Laboratories.  "The only way to tell when you’re safe to drive the morning after the night before is either to abstain completely from drinking alcohol or to use an accurate personal breathalyser. The AlcoSense Excel gives detailed readings all the way up through the range so you can tell exactly when you are clear”.


The new AlcoSense Excel is priced £99.99 and is available now at and in-store and online at Halfords from end-November.  


The AlcoSense Pro is priced £149.99 online at and is in-store now at Halfords and Boots.


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