AlcoSense launches new AlcoSense Excel

Thursday, November 03, 2016

At £99.99 the AlcoSense Excel is the first breathalyser under £100 to use a smaller version (64mm2) of exactly the same sensor used in several UK Police-approved breathalysers (200mm2), bringing a new level of accuracy and reliability for drivers at this price.

The AlcoSense Excel is particularly aimed at drivers with families who want to stay safe, those who rely on their license for work or play, and who seek reliability and accuracy at an affordable price.

In addition to giving detailed readings to two decimal places in either blood (‰BAC) or breath (mg/L) alcohol concentrations, the new AlcoSense Excel will alert you when you are close to or over your set limit. Indeed it will work with any limit worldwide and can be changed between limits simply and easily - ideal if you drive abroad on holiday or between Scotland and England, for example, where different limits apply. It is also the first breathalyser at this price to feature a full colour screen and intuitive graphic user interface giving on-screen prompts and tips, making it exceptionally easy to use.

All breathalysers (including Police devices) require periodic re-calibration.The AlcoSense Excel is the first breathalyser, at this price, to feature re-calibration alerts and overload protection. A re-calibration alert you after 12 months to tells you when re-calibration is required to ensure that your product always remains accurate. Overload protection is there to ensure that there are no temporary inaccuracies, such as, when alcohol is blown directly into the sensor, overloading it by accident. Additional improved accuracy comes in the form of temperature compensation on the device – ideal for the British climate whether it’s below freezing or in the middle of a Summer heatwave!

The AlcoSense Excel isn’t just feature rich. It boasts an award winning functional, clean design that is shared with the AlcoSense Pro and Ultra, winners of the 2016 International Red Dot Award for Outstanding Product Design.

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