AlcoSense Pro receives glowing reviews

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The latest addition to our range of consumer breathalysers the AlcoSense Pro has been receiving glowing reviews.


The AlcoSense Pro which has a version of the same fuel cell sensor as used by several Police breathalysers also has unique new features such as BlowCoach for dramatically improved ease of use and Any Limit, Anywhere automatic setup which sets the breathalyser to local legislation for any country at the touch of a button. It’s impressed the media.


This is what they say:

Sunday Times Driving:

“If you're serious about making sure you won't break legal limits, you'll want a machine that can tell you how much alcohol is in your system as accurately as possible.”

“The AlcoSense Pro got impressively close to the benchmark police evidential breathalyser,..” 

“..the AlcoSense Pro appears to be a good investment for any law-abiding driver..” 


Telegraph Lifestyle:

“welcome to the latest licence-saver from AlcoSense,”

“Reassuringly, it’s all very straightforward to use.”

“Its accuracy was proven in a demonstration in our office comparing an AlcoSense pro against a correctly calibrated, Home Office-approved breath alcohol simulator. Reassuringly, the Pro passed with flying colours.” 


While the Sun says:

“As far as breathalysers go, this is one of the best”

“Alcosense Pro is a top-of-the-range model and offers reliably accurate readings” 

“..this machine even gives you a lesson on how to give a breath sample properly with its BlowCoach mechanism. It doesn’t get any easier than that.” Sun Motors


The Guardian says

the AlcoSense Pro and its more expensive bigger brother the AlcoSense Ultra “offer levels of accuracy, reliability and consistency that we as consumers have not been able to access until now.”


Parkers website

describes the AlcoSense Pro as “a must-have tool for any driver who enjoys a tipple. If you drink, buy one. It’s a no brainer, really.”


While Car Mechanic says:

“The AlcoSense Pro… (offers)…levels of accuracy, reliability and consistency not previously available in a handheld device.”


“In the side-by-side comparison, the AlcoSense Pro proved to be as accurate as the larger machine [£13,000 Police breathalyser], as well as offering a number of innovations over other compact breathalysers.”


The AlcoSense Pro has also received positive reviews from trade publications such as AutoCar, Mercedes Owner, as well as the London Evening Standard and regional newspapers across the UK.  




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