AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer rating: 4.9 with 98 ratings

AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

98 Review(s)

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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

98 Review(s)
  • AlcoSense Excel - Auto Express Best Buy 2016
  • AlcoSense Excel with Box
  • AlcoSense Excel
  • AlcoSense Excel Home Screen
  • AlcoSense Excel - Under Limit, Alcohol Present
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Alcohol present but under the limit
  • Alcohol present, over the limit

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Rated 4.9/5 from 98 Customer Reviews

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Easy to use and build quality is excellent

by NITOUR Ltd on 10/12/2017

Arrived quickly. My first time buying a breathalyser and from the couple of times I've tested it all seems to be in order. Easy to use and build quality is excellent. Packaged very well.
Absolutely perfect!!

by Amazon Customer on 07/12/2017

A fantastic product, so accurate and a quality build. Really happy I went for this product over the others and it comes from the UK, which gives you more confidence in the delivery.
Great product, great company

by Phil C on 19/11/2017

Great company, great product and they upgraded me to elite model as this model was out of stock. Would recommend.
highly recommended

by scotreview on 05/11/2017

As party season approaches we wanted to be sure we were okay to drive the next morning and this little device takes away any doubt. Super easy to use with a clear readout. Already recommending it to friends.
Brilliant product

by CRAIG D. on 23/10/2017

Absolutely fantastic device. I was amazed at the quality together with the ease of use. It will be travelling everywhere with me . Worth the price to safeguard your licence ....
Great Product

by M McDonald on 19/10/2017

Great product, well built, clear and easy to use and very reassuring on those occasional mornings after the night before.
Just buy this and stop deliberating and worrying

by Mad Mole on 17/10/2017

Should state that I already own several cheaper (and some not so cheap) other manufacturers breathalysers. Some i wouldn't trust to even be able to tell I was totally sober or drop dead drunk. Others kind work but tend to be inconsistent, and you are never sure if you are really clear or not. Many of these seem to slightly under read and are more accurate at lower levels (not what you really need)Then I bought an AlcoSense Excel. Well, this is the dogs dangly bits by far. Its easy to use, on screen instructions are very clear. Its easy to blow into, with an easily visible guide that its working and when to stop. The readings are VERY consistent, exactly what you would expect them to be. It is definitely now my reference machine and I trust it. If you are looking around and undecided then just pay the extra and buy this, you won't regret itPros: Clear, Easy to use, Accurate, ConsistentCons: Nothing really except for cost, and a couple of times its not turned on completely when opening the slider (screen corrupted), switching off and on fixed that. not an issue reallyNow my go to device
Excellent unit.

by crispy on 03/10/2017

Needed to upgrade an old semi conductor breathalyser, this fuel cell one is recommended by auto express, however it was out of stock so I was sent the next model up at no extra charge, result! The unit is well made and easy to use, results of each test are clear. It comes with good and interesting info about how it works. Essential bit of kit for "the morning after" worrier.
Best of British

by David R H Baylis on 30/09/2017

A well built, easy to use essential piece of kit and British made too. It does what it says on the tin and I would not be without it.
Five Stars

by G. C. Hurrell on 28/09/2017

Very simple and straightforward to use.