AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer rating: 4.9 with 136 ratings

AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

136 Review(s)

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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

136 Review(s)
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Rated 4.9/5 from 136 customer reviews

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an excellent product which will save you license for sure

by Amazon Customer on 15/03/2018

have used the previous alcosense product for the last 5 years, so i have upgraded to this model. an excellent product which will save you license for sure.
Four Stars

by ChrisM on 09/03/2018

As described and waiting to test it - possibly change the star rating then.
Worth the money

by Mr. A. Leach on 05/03/2018

Seems to work well
Best purchase for a reasurring peace of mind.

by Mrs Dawn E Moore on 04/03/2018

Great product very accurate and easy to use.
Quality Breathalyzer

by Mike on 04/03/2018

A very sophisticated instrument. Expensive, but notwithstanding this, I consider it likely to turn out to be good value. Not a pub toy and should be taken seriously by the user. Especially useful for the "morning after" situation. Am personally confident concerning its reliability and accuracy. Should be recalibrated annually.
Very impressed - I should have got one ages ago!

by Seadoo on 01/03/2018

I did a good bit of research on this. Very happy with the product. I have used it a couple of times and very impressed. As Im in Ireland, I had to change the settings in it to set the limit at the 50mg figure (it came with the 20mg limit set as I presume this is for Scotland).It gives you great piece of mind if you are driving in the morning after having had a few drinks the night before. One good tip I got from a colleague who bought a similar unit is make sure you get enough sleep between your last drink and when you jump in the car - after using his unit for a while, he learnt that having 5 or 6hrs sleep between the last drink and then driving was very close to being on the limit - but if you take 7-8hrs then the extra time makes a big difference! - obviously just get one of these and you will take away any doubt !!
Very good product

by Anna Kukowska on 24/02/2018

Light and easy to carry aroundPortrays accurate resultsSuitable for self-checking and anaylsisHighly sensitive and of high quality. Well, this is the dogs dangly bits by far. Its easy to use, on screen instructions are very clear. Its easy to blow into, with an easily visible guide that its working and when to stop. The readings are VERY consistent, exactly what you would expect them to be. It is definitely now my reference machine and I trust it. If you are looking around and undecided then just pay the extra and buy this, you won't regret it
Five Stars

by louise marain on 20/02/2018

Brilliant product
Very happy with this product

by Amazon Customer on 16/02/2018

Seems to give accurate reading. tested on myself and my wife. With the same units of alcohol she was almost double my reading but she is half my weight. Tested a number of different times with various units of alcohol (pub measures) and it seems to reflect the accepted norms of reading. Very happy with this product. Seems solid, and robust
An excellent product. Batteries included

by Patrick Harrington on 16/02/2018

An excellent product. Batteries included: very clear instructions; easy to use;quick reading.A valuable device and an enhancement to road safety.Especially useful to allay the fears of ‘morning after’ alcohol levels.