AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

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Rated 4.9/5 from 328 customer reviews

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by Gary on 26/07/2019

Excellent product. Originally from England but living in Scotland, the drink driving rules are different. If in England, there are times when I knew I was there or thereabouts being under the limit. In Scotland, totally different. What an eye-opener. I need my car for work around the UK. This product won't stop me getting into the car but clearly gives me the information to say whether or not I should get in the car to drive. Worth every penny, many thanks.
Very good unit. Expensive Calibration

by SiobhanPatz on 06/05/2019

It is a Very good unit which I use for the morning after just to check. Invested in the more expensive model. Year calibration for this is a minimum of £37 which is ridiculous for every year. I could understand a a lesser amount but if you need it back within a wrek its over £40 which is nearly half the cost of the unit for a unit thats then a year old. Shoudl advertise yearly upkeep cost alongside advertised pricing.
Above and beyond.....

by Colin on 12/02/2019

Sent my Excel for it’s second recalibration. Unable to be recalibrated so the company kindly sent me a brand new boxed unit. Incredible customer service.
Excellent customer support

by Cherries on 17/01/2019

After recent purchase of product I "tested" unit over several evenings after drinking various quantities of wine. Despite drinking more than I would if driving the unit never went into the red i.e. over the drink/drive limit. I spoke to Carl at AlcoSense and after a very helpful conversation agreed to return the unit for it to be tested in house. This was easy as I live nearby to their offices. 5 or 6 days later I was contacted by David who advised me that after testing they could find no fault with the unit and we had a very informed discussion as to why I was getting the readings I had recorded. Unit was returned with no costs to myself. Just to be able to talk to 2 sensible people and receive first class service and advice puts AlcoSense at the top of my list of modern suppliers. More power to elbows guys.
Easy to use efficient

by By A customer on 08/12/2018

Clear instructions
Local % limits

by By A customer on 13/11/2018

Used it for first time the morning after a few drinks. Showed up 0.1% which made me feel confident that I was sufficiently under the limit to drive safely. Delighted with it.
A nice upgrade from the AlcoSense Lite

by By A customer on 12/11/2018

I previously had the AlcoSense light which was useful. The quality of this device is a lot better quality and the larger colour screen is much more enjoyable to use. The blow tubes on this are much better quality and i know I can trust the results over using a cheap breathalyser.
An excellent breathalyzer

by By A customer on 12/11/2018

Ordered this breathalyzer based on the many good reviews I've read. Having used this for a few days now I can support the fact that it's a very well made device which appears to give accurate readings. The unit is quick and easy to set up and use. I opted for a higher quality device based on the theory that it's a small additional price to pay for peace of mind. Customer Service also appears to be very well organized based on the information provided so I feel reassured that if I had any problems then they could be sorted quickly.
How long before safe to drive

by By A customer on 11/11/2018

Wanted to be able to check how long to wait before driving after a drink
No more taking risks thinking ‘I’m sure I’m fine ‘.

by By A customer on 03/11/2018

Overall look and ease of use, however, a case or bag for storage would be good.