AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer


REPLACED by the AlcoSense Lite 2.


AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

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Rated 4.6/5 from 123 customer reviews

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Five Stars

by Jess Morrow on 21/02/2018

This is a handy little gadget that can be used the morning after to check your alcohol levels.
very easy to read instructions

by Mr J Patterson on 18/02/2018

Arrived on stated day does exactly as described.very easy to read instructions.We brought this on on advice from a friend who has used it for some time. It has kept him safe form driving.
easy to set up and use

by richard whitham on 12/02/2018

reasonably priced,small and compact, easy to set up and use, and hopefully will help me keep my licence and not to put others in danger. what more could you ask for. gets a big thumbs up from me and A+ for customer service.

by Nick66 on 05/02/2018

Yes well
Not sure if it’s accurate

by Mr Neil DURNO on 04/02/2018

Just came home from the pub and I had 1 pint of ciders and maybe 10 g&t’s so thought I’d try the breathalyser and see, it read 0.3 bac which means I’m able to drive. Don’t think I can trust it because there’s no way I’m fit to drive.
Handy to use, small, compact and credible results

by Conn Clissmann on 01/02/2018

Great Product - Handy to use, small, compact and credible results. I use this in the morning to ensure I am on the safe side of the limit. Recommended. The only caveat is that the instructions state first valid test is within 30 of drinking, so not for use as you leave the pub!
Very good product

by Richard, Jersey on 30/01/2018

Very good product - easy to use when primed
100 percent accurate

by rockyroy on 26/01/2018

This is a quality item and very pleased with my purchase
Seems to work very well. I have at the ...

by Mr F. on 23/01/2018

Seems to work very well. I have at the weekends been experimenting with different alcohol intakes and it does record different levels. So yes I would trust this device to save some ones licence the morning after.
Three Stars

by Ann C on 21/01/2018

takes a while to work out the settings