AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)


REPLACED by the AlcoSense Elite 3. Click here to view the new product!


AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Elite Breathalyzer

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Rated 4.7/5 from 447 customer reviews

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Very Happy

by Amazon Customer on 10/05/2017

Easy to use, accurate and able to select a number of different thresholds.Also manufacture provides the service to recalibrate, if required.
Tested on myself and bought for my kids too

by john sapsford on 08/05/2017

I bought one for myself around 2 months ago and tested it out myself for the "morning after" feeling. It appeared accurate and as a result I bought another two for my daughters so they could make sure they were recovered if drinking the night before and driving early the following morning. They were quite surprised how long it took for the alcohol to be out of their system and to be sure they are legally fit to drive. A good discipline for them rather than just assuming ok after a nights sleep.
A worthwhile investment

by Cyborg on 07/05/2017

Whilst on holiday recently I used my mate's device. Proved to be extremely simple to use and if you follow the instructions and know your domestic blood alcohol limits provides useful information. Decided I'd benefit from having one handy for those odd occasions in which it might be useful to check. Good value for money and a worthwhile investment.
Worth every penny.....

by Amazon Customer on 07/05/2017

Awsome peice of kit. Did the test, ie had a "few" beers. And did a morning after test, compared it with a draeger 6510 borrowed from work. Spot on. More than happy. Easy to use, slip into your pocket. No excuses now...
Worth every penny

by Mrs. Rachel M. Lover on 04/05/2017

This is a birthday present for my husband so havent used it yet. Bought it as it was recommended by a friend and his device stopped my son driving at Christmas. He was about to leave at 9am but he found he was still over the limit from the night before so feel it is worth every penny!
Great product. It gives very accurate reading although I ...

by Leigh Dawson on 30/04/2017

Great product. It gives very accurate reading although I admit I've got nothing to compare it too. I blew into it at 1030 the next day and found out I was still over the limit (in Scotland) and therefore didn't drive and saved my license and potentially even more. Highly recommend
Very accurate and consistent in reading

by Amazon Customer on 28/04/2017

Tested now for quite some time - consistent in reading it seems. Use every day before travelling for extra piece of mind. Great product, highly recommend
Confirmed I shouldn't drive!!

by Gary Best on 22/04/2017

I have been using this for a few months now, it has been reassuring using it the morning after to double check I'm not over the limit!! I like to make sure I have nothing left in my system before driving; on one occasion it said I had alcohol in my system the morning after (not a huge amount) and I couldn't feel it at all. Ordinarily I would have driven but thanks to this I did not.
A repeat purchase of an excellent product

by Graeme Allan on 17/04/2017

This is my second purchase of the AlcoSense Elite - not because the first one fell apart but quite the reverse, it is still working perfectly. This second purchase is for my son to keep for his own next-morning testing (he kept using mine) to make sure he is clear to drive after one of his student "night befores". AlcoSense Elite is a good price for something that is reliable - robust, well constructed, easy to use, and gives read-outs that I am convinced are accurate. You sort of know before you use it whether you will be able to drive, and the read outs pretty much confirm where you are. I don't drive unless it is well below the limit or "clear", especially with the lower limits in Scotland, and also Spain where I do a bit of driving. A query I had was answered quickly. They provide an 0800 free telephone line. Good service.
Quality Easy To Use Product

by Amazon Customer on 17/04/2017

I bought this for my your niece who has just passed her driving test. She finds it so easy and convenient to use her friends are all wanting one. It actually stopped her driving this weekend after a party the night before. Several hours later she was clear to drive and did so safe in the knowledge she was "legal".This Breathalyser could be the best thing I've ever bought her. Quality, professional product.