AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyzer (NEW)

AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyzer (NEW)

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AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyzer (NEW)

  • AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser
  • AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser
  • AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser

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Easy to setup and use

by Kazza on 03/12/2019

Very easy to setup and use and will provide 'morning after' peace of mind
Money well spent

by Macamxthe1st on 02/12/2019

Very easy to set up and use. The peace of mind if you need to drive the next morning is priceless.

by Amy K on 01/12/2019

Just bought this and it is excellent. I bought this as well you can never be to careful and better to be safe then sorry

by Equip4work on 29/11/2019

speedy delivery service received from this company. Product itself really easy to use delivers fast and accurate results would highly recommend
Great buy!

by Kirky87 on 27/11/2019

Purchased this product a week ago and really impressed. A family member used to have the Elite version which was very chunky (and noisy!) and the Lite 2 is very sleek and not as loud!
It provides a reading within seconds, is small enough to keep in your car or bag for those moments when it's best to be safe than sorry! Would highly recommend.
Easy to use

by Red Tam on 22/11/2019

Have used twice and both times read lo. Very easy to use.
Excellent Product

by 5042tony on 20/11/2019

I recently bought an AlcoSense Lite 2 in exchange for my old AlcoSense SE. The new model is even easier to set up and use. Brilliant device. Thanks.
Great way to ensure your safe to drive

by rfarrelly67 on 19/11/2019

This is our 2nd personal breathalyser and although we don't drink a lot, on the odd occasion we go out, I want to be sure that the morning after, we are under the limit before we get in the car. A great breathalyser to give us 100% peace of mind!
AlcoSense Lite 2

by craig e on 18/11/2019

Excellent product, very user friendly and easy to use.

by Likeadrink on 17/11/2019

Excellent product, easy to setup and very easy to use! 10 out of 10.