AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

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AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

  • AlcoSense Ultra Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Ultra Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Ultra Breathalyzer
  • AlcoSense Ultra Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016

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Rated 4.9/5 from 23 customer reviews

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Accurate and dependable

by Ian Walker on 29/07/2018

This is a top end product, with trust worthy British Engineering.It’s just dependable, which is what you need to protect not only your licence, but also your job.The occasional night out, need not be a morning lottery.

by Review on 23/06/2018

I have had a number of alcosense breathalysers in the past but this really is a masterpiece. It’s extremely easy to use and far more accurate than any other breathalyser I have used. The blow meter is also very useful. On previous breathalysers I think I was blowing too hard and they always over read my alcohol limit. Can thoroughly recommend even though it is on the pricey side.
A must for all drinkers

by RBowman on 16/06/2018

Everyone who drinks should have one of these. I use it for “the morning after. I’ve had an AlcoSense breathalyser for a number of years and been delighted with it. I thought that I would upgrade to the Ultra. Very easy to use and a super design. The menus are user friendly. It arrived the day after I ordered it, excellent service. I recommend this item with no reservations.
... of the Alcosense lower level models before and been delighted so decided to buy a top of the range ...

by John Selwood on 25/05/2018

We have had a number of the Alcosense lower level models before and been delighted so decided to buy a top of the range one when we wanted a replacement. It's superb. Very easy to use and very accurate results so far as we can tell (we have both tested it after consuming varying amounts of alcohol at home) So if we go out and I have one drink I will test myself before driving to ensure I am well under.
Seems like a great product so far! Though MAJORLY under-publicised!

by Bulk Bobson on 24/01/2018

Bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas. She's been wanting one for a long time but couldn't justify the spend. Managed to nab it for £200 on Black Friday weekend.I was very wary about buying this as there is limited information on the specific product (slightly more on their other products). Some reviews I questioned whether they were genuine, and seemed to appear on multiple sites, and no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find proof of the Reddot Design Award anywhere other than the Alcosense website.That being said, as far as we can tell it's a great bit of kit. Yes it's a little pricey, and whilst my girlfriend admitted I could well have gone for one of their cheaper products, she also accepted at the same time that she would feel much more comfortable trusting this one in comparison.On the one hand, you can only take their word for it that it is legit because you can't exactly compare it to a police Breathalyzer yourself. That being said, we have tested it a few times after having a couple of drinks (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, using it too soon after drinking can damage the sensor, and the alcohol may not be completely in your blood stream), and readings appear to be accurate when comparing to how you would assume your levels to be according to both units consumed and time since last drink.The breathcoach is a MUST. My girlfriend's got it spot on now, but I still struggle with it, and know if I had one of the models that lacks this feature I would never get a reading! Very useful indeed.Had a few issues in downloading the software updates too due to warnings (addressed on their website) that the file isn't commonly downloaded.IN A NUTSHELL - seems like a great product. Blowcoach is brilliant, the case and mouthpieces it comes with are brilliant, and we feel we trust what it tells us. Price is a little steep aye. The look and feel of this product is great. It DOES NOT feel cheap in any way.WHY ONLY FOUR STARS? - The difficulty in finding information on the product before buying made me very wary for the amount of money. Help us out Alcosense! Publicise this more, have more interviews with papers and WELL KNOWN websites + publications. Show us some proof of the Red Dot Design Award and try and get more video reviews etc. Work out the issues with the firmware file not being trusted with browsers and Virus Software.Otherwise. Great!
Well worth it if you need a good reliable unit

by SO8 on 14/12/2017

I already had the Alcosense Pro but wanted the most accurate one I could get. I was concerned the Pro model was under reading but there are so many variable's attached to drinking and the human body it is often difficult to know where you stand 'drinking'. I always get a taxi on the night but this was bought for the morning after - just to make sure. I drink, I lose my job - so the cost of this unit made sense. Yes, I am paranoid having two but one stays at home and one in the car for when I am staying away for a night or two.Both units read effectively the same so I am confident they are both working ok. Would i pay extra again for the dearer one - bearing in mind it is £100 more. Well, yes, as it comes with a load of tubes and a case which adds to the cost of the cheaper unit. It had the full size fuel cell but seemingly the Pro unit as opposed to Ultra is, to me at least, as accurate. If anything the cheaper unit over read slightly which I don't have an issue with at all !The build is good. The display to tell you how hard to blow and for how long is excellent and the unit starts up quickly. The Pro takes a lot longer to analyse the alcohol in your breath compared to the Ultra which is extremely quick. The Ultra also shows a zero reading where the cheaper unit just says 'below 9' if using the UK measurement of alcohol/breath levels.I am very pleased and have come to this from the old £60 Alcosense model which finally died last year.My job is vital to me and I think to prevent inadvertently driving the morning after whilst still over the limit this unit is worth the money. Expensive, yes, but how much is your job worth ?
Five Stars

by Michael Major on 12/10/2017

Great bit of kit.
Looks and feels great...not sure why results vary so much from elite?

by Amazon Customer on 12/06/2017

Previously had an alcosense elite and decided to upgrade to the Ultra. Unit looks and feels fantastic and seems to work exceptionally well...what's great is it's very easy to use and doesn't need to be set up with diluted alcohol like the elite. Only slight concern for me is that the readings are very different...I've been using them both at the same time and they do seem to vary quite a bit so not sure which one is accurate...assume it's the Ultra?

AlcoSense says: If you have had the Elite for some time and not had it re-calibrated this is most likely the reason for the variation. You should have your breathalyser calibrated once a year, the longer it goes without calibration the more the reading may drift.
Five Stars

by Tony G. on 22/02/2017

Easy to use & of good quality
Brilliant service, couldnt ask for more

by Allan on 09/01/2017

Had the elite for 3 years and loved it, decided it was time to upgrade as my sensor was over due re calibration and i was delighted that alcosense gave me £50 for my elite which cost about £60 3 years ago.
I recomend alcosense products and think every one that drives should have one, youl be surprised at the results the day after a night out.
Thank you alcosense for your existing customer care if only other companies would follow your standards