AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

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Rated 4.9/5 from 346 customer reviews

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Excellent quality and ease of use is top class.

by By A customer on 27/11/2018

Amazing piece of kit very accurate as far as I can tell and extremely easy to use which is not the case with most smart gadgets these days. Very happy with the purchase.
Fantastic product

by By A customer on 25/11/2018

Great product. Really easy to use and accurate results.
What price your driving licence?

by Dolly Grey on 25/11/2018

While I would never knowingly drink and drive, I do like to have a beer or two of an evening. Although I was fairly sure I was OK to drive in the mornings, at this time of year especially, with the Police conducting their Christmas (random hence illegal) drink drive testing, I wanted to be sure. This is an excellent piece of kit, easy to use, and gives me the peace o mind that I am definitely sober before I drive.
Best balance between price and accuracy

by By A customer on 21/11/2018

This is the first breathalyser I’ve brought and opted for this as it seemed to be the best compromise between price and accuracy.There are other cheaper (and dearer) options from this and other manufacturers but thought this would be the best compromise.Easy to use and I hope that it will keep me and my driving licence safe for many years to come.
Product very accurate

by By A customer on 21/11/2018

I use this product to check my alcohol level the morning after consuming alcohol. I find it very accurate and I am pleased with my purchase
Awesome product to keep in the car.

by By A customer on 10/11/2018

Ever wondered how much a pint after work affects you? What about the morning after a night out? Well, look no further - this is an awesome product. I've also had the chance to test alongside the police breathalysers and SAME results. Brilliant! Awesome Awesome Awesome!
a compact reliable device

by By A customer on 25/10/2018

This is the second AlcoSense breathalyser I have owned, the product provides me with peace of mind for the morning after should I have had a drink , a small price to pay to successfully protect your driving licence.
Great piece of kit!

by By A customer on 20/10/2018

This gives me peace of mind driving in the morning if I’ve been out the night before, a bit more expensive than some other models ......but what price would you put on your licence? Worth every penny to me! It seems to be accurate and have tested it at various times in an evening whilst having a couple of beers, the readings seem to correspond with the quantity of alcohol consumed. Very pleased with my purchase.
Great piece of kit.

by Shinyredcar on 15/10/2018

I’ve had the cheaper ones and had no faith in them. This is different, it’s not a toy and won’t let you just see how high you can get the number when stupidly drunk with friends. It can be adjusted for whichever country you are in and is extremely accurate.Personally, I only need it for the morning after as I’d never take the car out if I’m drinking, so this gives me the piece of mind to just get on, without having to worry about being stopped.Expensive, but worth it.
Very happy with it.

by Chris on 11/10/2018

Only had it a couple of weeks but so far very happy with it. Multiple settings are available for different country limits and units of measure. Unlike other devices I have owned this also gives an estimation of when the alcohol will be completely out of your system which is a useful added feature.