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AlcoSense NF Breathalyzer for France (Twin Pack)

Product Review (submitted on 13 September 2012):
With the new legislation all drivers must carry breathalyzers if driving through France. We recently sailed from Dover (end of August 2012) and the shop at the ferry terminal did not have any of these which surprised me and made me relieved that we had already purchased ours. There appears to be confusion about why you have to have them. My understanding is that if you have had a drink in France, you must test yourself before driving, so that you know if you are above or below the limit. If stopped by the police you must then produce the breathalyzer to show that you have tested yourself and are below the limit. It is not enough just to be carrying them. Should we get stopped in France, as we do travel to the continent regularly then I will update this review!! Happy travels :)