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AlcoSense NF Breathalyzer for France (Twin Pack)

Product Review (submitted on 4 December 2012):
Not much to say about this product, as everyone else has I have also purchased this as it is now a requirement when travelling to France, not at all sure about the science behind it's accuracy. Seems to me a very strange thing to take with you, surely if you going to drink and drive and break the law you are not going to bother to use this.Still have given it a reasonable rating as it covers the necessary legalities and was cheaper than purchasing at eurotunnel or on the ferry crossing. Someone is making a fortune, especially as they have a use by date! Dropped a star as I shall never use it as I never drink and drive, it will be thrown away at expiry date and a new one purchased as required. Money down the drain for me and I resent being penalised for nought.