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AlcoSense NF Breathalyzer for France (Twin Pack)

Product Review (submitted on 16 December 2013):
I had a skin full Friday night, over a bottle of wine. Saturday morning at 7.30am I decided to test if I was ok to drive, I was fairly sure I wasn't. Broke out the kit (it was in date, Oct 2014) and followed the instructions to the letter. Result was no alcohol in my system. I called BS on that and decided to take the dogs for a walk and not risk it.That night, right after the last glass of another bottle of wine (yes I drink too much!) I tested the second Breathalyser, results of that one was I had alcohol in my system (no s*** Sherlocke)but I was ok to drive.These little suckers may be required in France, but DO NOT rely on them to tell you whether you are ok to drive or not.