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AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 2 February 2016):
The AlcoSense Ultra was bought to replace a {BRAND NAME REMOVED BY ALCOSENSE} breathalyser which had died. In comparison to our old breathalyser the AlcoSense Ultra is excellent. So much easier to use and seems very accurate - although I don't now have anything to compare it to. I own a same day courier company and we use it for testing the drivers before giving them the keys each day - as we're a small company I use it at the weekend sometimes and it's been great for that too! For testing other people it's easy to tell if the person being tested is trying to mess with the test as it shows you on screen how they're blowing so there's no excuse for throwing a test by trying to trick the breathalyser. We have set our own company limit which is half the UK limit and this is very easy to change in the unit settings. Design is rugged so I think it'll last well. No negatives so far. I would recommend it.