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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 10 February 2016):
A couple of my friends bought these devices months ago and raved about the performance of them so I made a conscious decision to buy one. Let me make it clear that I am not someone who gets razzled every night but rather enjoys a glass or two of whisky of an evening before retiring. Quite often I have had to rise early and drive somewhere but have always felt reluctant to in case I have the old, "morning after result".I ordered my device which came well within the projected time which was surprising because given my remote location. Now it has to be said that the calibration is a tad fiddly but if followed carefully, it is achievable. Results? Well I couldn't wait to test it..well I did have a nice bottle of Whyte and Mackays to hand! I sank a few..enough to make me more than merry. The following day at 09.30 I checked my levels and got told by the device that I was well many points. A pal who is a local polisman came round and did his test and amazingly, the AlcoSense was onthe nail if even slightly more cautious. Around 13.00 he came back and we compared our findings and yet again, the device was spot on.In my humble submission, AlcoSense does the job. For those who want to use it as some mind of guide to see if it's ok to drive home from the pub..get a life, if you are in a pub DON'T DRIVE, all the breathalyzers in the world cannot save you from your stupidity!!! This device is for the morning after, if you have been out visiting friends of an evening and enjoying the conviviality of a few warming glasses and you need to go to work the next day...this is for you.I have given 5* for the device, there's no doubt that it does what is says and does it well but...the one thing that tempted me to take a star off (but didn't) is that replacement 'straws' are prohibitively expensive, there is no way I'm going to pay that kind of money for simple drinking straws. Doubtless the company sells the device as a lost leader and recoups the price of it by selling the straws at a premium price..rather like an inkjet printer. However, I was able to find on Amazon perfectly functional straws for a fraction of the the price of AlcoSense's ones. If you buy straws at between 6mm and 5.5 mm they will work well..and you can cut them in half this doubling the value.If you don't buy one of these and driving is a necessity, you are insane and will deserve being fined and banned.