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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 2 December 2016):
Accuracy, that's the big question.I've been looking for a Breathalyser for a while as I have been worried by the "Morning after" risk. I don't drive the day after if I have been out on a night where I have a lot to drink but hearing people quoted as saying "I felt fine but I was over the limit" was a concern, I wouldn't drive unless I felt fine but what is my actual Blood alcohol level? Looking at items on market, very few quote accuracy, this brand does and also offers a re-calibration service! So then it was cost. Having personal experience of Fuel Cells they are a recognised method of measurement, so this offered the best value for money for me. The item is quite chunky and solid and offers a PC connection for results.In this time of "You get what you pay for" this offered me the best balance of Cost vs Do you believe what it is telling you? This made sense.