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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 12 December 2016):
The Alcosense Excel is a Breathalyser that is well packaged, easy to set up (around 3 mins) and intuitive to use. Size wise - it's slightly bigger than the Elite, I guess about the same size as 2 decks of playing cards stacked on top of each other or just a bit thicker than a pack of cigarettes (does anybody smoke anymore?) so it can easily fit in your pocket, handbag or car glovebox.I've been using this product and the Elite for just over a month now - it's Party Season and I can't afford to take any chances with either the safety of others or my livelihood which depends on me being able to drive. It's been surprising/sobering to see just how much alcohol is in your system - on a couple of nights I've returned home (via taxi of course) and felt "absolutely fine to drive", I tested myself and on one occasion I was at 0.85 BAC so definitely not good to drive and on the other occasion I was under 0.5 BAC so legally able to drive in the UK - I couldn't discern the difference at the times with how I was feeling. This produce is marketed more as a "morning after" tool and to that end I was surprised when going back to our friend's house to pick up our car how much was left in my system from the night before - 0.28 BAC which was a good 9hrs after my last drink (it was a good night).So my advice is, take the guesswork out - don't risk being over the limit and driving... get one of these today. My family have been hearing me rave/bore on about these and have all asked for one in their Christmas stocking - which I'm only too happy to oblige.Cheers!BPlease Note: I received the AlcoSense Excel at a small discount to review as an existing AlcoSense Elite user. I've decided to keep both and I can recommend both, they each have their separate price points - the differences as I see them are... Excel is: slight bigger; easier/quicker to set up (can be used straight out of the box whereas Elite requires you to activate the sensor with a small bit of alcohol); has a better display (colour); is slightly more expensive to service £25 compared to £20 (annual service recommended).