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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 29 December 2016):
I ordered one of these after having one to many at the works Christmas party. I still felt drunk the next day so didn't want to get in my car and spent the whole day walking everywhere. According to the specs it never under reads, so if this tells you your OK to drive then you're OK. I believe the accuracy of the fuel cell is worth paying the extra for over some of the cheaper models.One of my colleagues also had a go on it after a heavy Christmas session and realised he wasn't fit to drive and ended up waiting around work until he was clear. The time to sober estimation is very useful and it's very clear to use with its red / amber / green screen on the results.Im more than happy with this product and wouldnt hesitate to recommend it, especially for people who like a decent drink. I know people that have lost their licence and livelihood by being unfit to drive the next day. Well worth investing.