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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 10 January 2017):
I upgraded from the Alcosense Elite. The device is a little larger than the previous model but still fits easily in a pocket (or the glove box). The Excel is easy to set up and to operate with clear on screen prompts to guide you (only afterwards did I think to look at the instructions booklet).Once set-up the device is simple to use with no need to delve into the settings unless you're travelling between different jurisdictions or just curious. If needed, the setting's menus are simple and straight forward to follow. The Excel powers up quickly (within 5 seconds) and does so silently (a nice feature compared to the whining noise of the Elite, which took about 15-20 seconds). Following a test the results are displayed with a large digital display (in the units of your choice BAC% or Mg/L) and a clear colour indication warning you not to drive as appropriate.The Excel comes boxed with 3 x AAA Batteries and four mouth pieces -although a pack of 25 at £10 is almost twice as much as the Elite "straws" they are much more robust and if limited to personal use can be washed and reused.Having read the Auto Express review (backed with a little science), and spent a little longer using the earlier Elite model, I am reassured that this is a quality product and one I am prepared to depend upon (the morning after) to protect my licence. Product was dispatched quickly and arrived within a few days.Disclosure: As an existing AlcoSense Elite user I received the Excel as a free upgrade in exchange for an honest product review.