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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 10 January 2017):
My partner recently got stopped by the police whilst driving the day after having some drinks with friends. She was asked if she had had drinks the night before she was happy to say she had, but that 12 or so hours had passed.She passed the breath test, but the policeman noted that there was some alcohol still in her system. She was profoundly upset, although she knew that people CAN have alcohol in their system the next day, she assumed that was heavy drinkers.We immediately researched and purchased what we believe to be the absolute best brand of home breathalyser, the Alcosense. We chose the Elite, but received the next model, the Pro which has a larger sensor and is more accurate.There is absolutely no excuse for drink driving, and with this you can know with confidence that you are beyond reproach in terms of Alcohol.