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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 10 March 2017):
Superb unit and very accurate and consistent. I have been testing it the past week against a Lion Alcometer (Police use them - but one will cost you £600) The thing I especially liked was that it cleans its fuel sensor after each test and is quick to recover. I could blow a seriously "don't even think about driving" 0.14% BAC (drunk) and 5 minutes later my good lady wife ( scowling at me and totally sober) would score a correct reading of "LO" - i.e no alcohol detected. That is something you will not get from the the many cheap units out there. It was also consistent (again compared with the Lion) in 'morning after' testing.You can set the alarm levels to match the country you are in. I have a Motor home and travel across Europe so I want to be absolutely sure I am OK to drive the next day after a few wines and a nightcap.Make sure you read the instructions first - especially about activating the sensor (if required)In summary then I am really pleased so 5 stars - thoroughly recommended - and I agree with What Car. I now need a week off the booze :-)