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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 26 March 2017):
Nice piece of kit seems well built, portable and it's so simple to use, it even coaches you when taking your breath sample by stating how long and how hard to blow with two simple bar graphs on the easy to read screen, I have the AlcoSense Pro.The important bit, it tells you when you are over the limit for the country you are in! You set this in the menu options by choosing the appropriate country. Not only that it if you are over the limit it approximates how long you need to wait before you need to retest and safely drive again. Seems to me if you have a drink you need this!Use mainly for the 'morning after' but even if you have had a couple at lunch it would be worth taking a test, ditching the car and taking a taxi if you are over or near the limit, forget your licence you might just save your life or someone elses!One improvement? Maybe a leather case should be supplied as it's so portable you will be traveling with it quite a bit, lets face it we all drink a bit more when we go away, that hotel for the weekend and those couple of bottles of wine you had with dinner or that wedding you are going to, the morning after it might be worth a minute blowing into the breathalyser.