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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 17 April 2017):
This is my second purchase of the AlcoSense Elite - not because the first one fell apart but quite the reverse, it is still working perfectly. This second purchase is for my son to keep for his own next-morning testing (he kept using mine) to make sure he is clear to drive after one of his student "night befores". AlcoSense Elite is a good price for something that is reliable - robust, well constructed, easy to use, and gives read-outs that I am convinced are accurate. You sort of know before you use it whether you will be able to drive, and the read outs pretty much confirm where you are. I don't drive unless it is well below the limit or "clear", especially with the lower limits in Scotland, and also Spain where I do a bit of driving. A query I had was answered quickly. They provide an 0800 free telephone line. Good service.