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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 15 June 2017):
I am hoping that this will be only temporary review as I have emailed the CS and awaiting their reply...Upon switching the machine on, setting country/date etc there is an alarm that the calibration expired on 30/09/2016 (9 months)It is surprising and disappointing at the same time as I have purchased the device directly from Alcosense.I have tested the device last night and believe that the readings were inaccurate.Between 7pm-10pm I consumed 2x 500 ml bottles of 6% continental beer & 3x 40 ml shots of 35% French brandy. Measurements taken at 11pm were as 0.54% and less than 0.2% at 5am in the morning. I would imagine that consuming 8-9 units of alcohol within such a relatively short period would definetely make me illegal/unfit to drive. I certainly felt like i would never get behind the wheel...And yet the machine showed Amber but still within the legal limit in England and Wales... Was over the limit in Scotland as the limit there is 0.5%Dear AlcoSense - Can you please reply to my email sent to AND arrange for Free of Charge re-calibration considering that the device is brand new