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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 15 June 2017):
I also received the PRO version rather than Excel.After initial concerns about the accuracy (i was surprised that my breath alcohol level below the legal limit). I have contacted the company and within a day i received an email from their Lab asking me to return the device so it can be tested. I have received comprehensive reply, free single use testers as addition, update and new 12 months calibration. Superb service and UK based business.Special thanks to Alison from the laboratory!My PRO version have been tested and confirmed that it is reading accurately and within the specified tolerances. Another thing i have found out is that around 80% of the population processes 1 unit of alcohol every hour from the body which is why it is the accepted average, the remaining 20% process either quicker or slower at up to 2 units an hour, some as low as 0.5 units per hour. I guess I am in the 20% :)THE RECENT UPDATE (released by AlcoSense) is that with any readings at 0.2‰BAC (0.09mg/L) or lower the unit will read LOW and will say that less than 0.2‰BAC or 0.09mg/L of alcohol has been detected and this is in line with BS EN 16280 – the British Standard for the consumer.