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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 1 July 2017):
Firstly, like many others, I was upgraded to the AlcoSense Pro model due to stock issues. I have to review what i received, although I understand that the functionality is very similar.It is a neat unit. Compact and quite solid feel. Instructions are good, but don't mention what the USB cable is for. I still don't know.I suppose like every other reviewer, I had a lot of fun testing! So I had what I thought was 3 units of wine without food, waited for 90 minutes and it said that I was still just OK to drive. I didn't feel OK. So I checked again every 30 minutes for three hours and the meter recorded gradual reductions.Next day I had a single bottle of 10 units over two hours (I told you this was fun!) and 90 minutes later, I blew red. Checked every 30 minutes and sure enough it dropped in gradual proportion. I dropped below red after four hours which surprised me.Testing is now over. I have one nagging doubt and it is that even though I can feel there is alcohol in my system, I seem to be below 20%. The gadget provides a sense of reassurance, but all the same, I wouldn't mind testing it against a police meter - not however, at the roadside!