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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 17 October 2017):
Should state that I already own several cheaper (and some not so cheap) other manufacturers breathalysers. Some i wouldn't trust to even be able to tell I was totally sober or drop dead drunk. Others kind work but tend to be inconsistent, and you are never sure if you are really clear or not. Many of these seem to slightly under read and are more accurate at lower levels (not what you really need)Then I bought an AlcoSense Excel. Well, this is the dogs dangly bits by far. Its easy to use, on screen instructions are very clear. Its easy to blow into, with an easily visible guide that its working and when to stop. The readings are VERY consistent, exactly what you would expect them to be. It is definitely now my reference machine and I trust it. If you are looking around and undecided then just pay the extra and buy this, you won't regret itPros: Clear, Easy to use, Accurate, ConsistentCons: Nothing really except for cost, and a couple of times its not turned on completely when opening the slider (screen corrupted), switching off and on fixed that. not an issue reallyNow my go to device