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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 20 September 2017):
I bought one after doing some research and concluded that based upon what I read it seemed a good product. However, I have no means of verifying how accurate it is - just have to trust it. Having said that I don't drink and drive as such so this is to check the morning after and in my case has always shown clear. When I first started to research breathalysers I emailed AlcoSense to ask about the costs and process for re-calibration. They didn't bother to respond so that doesn't bode well as a measure of their customer service. When I first came to use it I couldn't get the blow tube to stay in the socket. It was only after looking very carefully at the socket that I realised that it had to be inserted at an angle. There is nowhere in the instructions that mention this nor any pictures to show it. The rest of the instructions are good and set up was easy. Overall it seems to be well made and easy to use - time will tell.