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AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 14 December 2017):
I already had the Alcosense Pro but wanted the most accurate one I could get. I was concerned the Pro model was under reading but there are so many variable's attached to drinking and the human body it is often difficult to know where you stand 'drinking'. I always get a taxi on the night but this was bought for the morning after - just to make sure. I drink, I lose my job - so the cost of this unit made sense. Yes, I am paranoid having two but one stays at home and one in the car for when I am staying away for a night or two.Both units read effectively the same so I am confident they are both working ok. Would i pay extra again for the dearer one - bearing in mind it is £100 more. Well, yes, as it comes with a load of tubes and a case which adds to the cost of the cheaper unit. It had the full size fuel cell but seemingly the Pro unit as opposed to Ultra is, to me at least, as accurate. If anything the cheaper unit over read slightly which I don't have an issue with at all !The build is good. The display to tell you how hard to blow and for how long is excellent and the unit starts up quickly. The Pro takes a lot longer to analyse the alcohol in your breath compared to the Ultra which is extremely quick. The Ultra also shows a zero reading where the cheaper unit just says 'below 9' if using the UK measurement of alcohol/breath levels.I am very pleased and have come to this from the old £60 Alcosense model which finally died last year.My job is vital to me and I think to prevent inadvertently driving the morning after whilst still over the limit this unit is worth the money. Expensive, yes, but how much is your job worth ?