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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 18 January 2018):
I've wanted a breathalyser for some time now, not because I want to proactively drink and drive (under the legal limit), but to be able to relax on an evening out without having to keep count of units of alcohol consumed over a said period of time. I also wanted an accurate breathalyser at a reasonable price. Having done some research on the types of breathalysers and how the differing kinds work and their associated accuracy, this breathalyser was, in my opinion, a very reasonable price to pay to stay legal whilst driving. A motoring magazine had tested this kit in a laboratory and the results proved how accurate this machine is and that was an extremely important factor for me. The machine needs to be checked for calibration once a year for what I believe to be a reasonable cost, which brings me to the cost of the machine. What price do you put on your driving licence? A minimum fine for speeding is £100 and three penalty points. The cost of being prosecuted for drink driving is huge, not only financially, but is a massive inconvenience and takes away such freedom to travel so easily. For me, £100 is a small price to pay for such an accurate machine to give me peace of mind. It is easy to set up and use too. Forget buying cheap, single use breathalysers or cheap rubbish, look at this excellent piece of British Engineering (with British support), it's accuracy and reasonable price. What a great price to pay to keep your licence and possibly your job.