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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 27 March 2014):
link below to 5th gear (channel 5 version of top gear) review of market breathalisers including this model and hence why I got it. [...]Had a few of the dispolsable French breathalisers left over from a trip to France in my car. After a particularly heavy night out of curiosity decided to test myself on one and was suprised to find myself still over the limit the next morning at 9 am, scary stuff. I assume I must have driven over the limit in the past without knowing it, so the responcible thing for me was to get a propper breathaliser. The consquences of driving over the limit are scary - potentially jail and criminal record!Did a bit of research looking for a suitable product to use to see if I am legal to drive the next day as it would be a nightmare getting caught accidently over the limit. This product seems to be a good product and have on multiple occasions found myself over the limit the next morning so its been a good investment.Product came quickly and well packed, seems to be accruate, Read the information not suitable really for 1hr after a drink as levels vary so more a morning after product.