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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 22 September 2014):
I previously had the Alcosense Lite version, and this in comparison is a little more complicated. It has to be self-calibrated which is a drawback in the first instance but has the advantage that it can be re-calibrated. My pet dislike is that the lowest it reads is "Lo" which I gather means lower than 0.2%bac. Not too much of a drawback when in UK (lower than 0.8) or western Europe (less than 0.5 but. I often drive in Eastern Europe where 0.22 or even 0.0 is the limit! So "Lo" could be pretty tight. The Lite version counts down to Zero, much more useful! The Elite however, does seem remarkably accurate, and it's easy to clean the sensor to maintain this accuracy.All in all I think this is good value for money, but I think I may have my old "Lite" serviced for the below 0.2 predicament. I may be old fashioned but I don't like to drive with ANY alcohol in my blood, my license is too important to me!