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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 16 September 2014):
Being a professional driver, I am acutely aware of the effects caused by alcohol on the driver. There are times however, when initially there is no intended or planned driving and alcohol is consumed, but then the situation changes. There may be an unexpected requirement to drive and this creates the problem regarding motoring safety. Although one may not have consumed vast quantities of alcohol, several factors can affect the rate at which it is removed from the body. Where there is ANY doubt, one should NOT drive. However, to this end I purchased an Alcosense Elite unit and after CALIBRATING it in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, I began to use it to see how beneficial it might be.The unit is very simple to use and can be set for the criteria in different countries. There is a pre-use count down period during which you can prepare to give your breath sample via the plastic straw. A long steady blow at normal breathing effort is all that it takes. It is recommended that you rinses your mouth with fresh water, prior to giving the sample, to remove any residue alcohol in the mouth.While the unit does NOT inform you that you CAN drive, it gives clear feedback if there is little or no alcohol detected. If the unit detects higher levels it displays a NO DRIVE warning and the screen changes to RED.I have used the unit after drinking wine (11% to 12.5%) and also after drinking spirits (40% to 43%) either following an evening out or after a restaurant meal. The unit has responded differently dependant on the time passed since the last drink and also the strength of the drink in %age. The higher the %age the longer it takes to clear from the body and the longer the user should NOT drive.The unit is small, easy to use, and as long as it has been calibrated and allowed to "self-clean" after each use, it could be a useful aid by advising you not to drive with an elevated blood / alcohol level when you are under the impression that you have none at all.The best advice given is not to drive with any alcohol in your system; if used correctly Alcosense Elite can detect alcohol in your system and alert you with a DO NOT DRIVE warning.It cannot stop you from driving; THAT is your decision and the Alcosense Elite has been developed to help you make that decision NOT to drive.Using the Alcosense Elite could prevent an accident and could also protect your driving licence.