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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 15 January 2014):
I do not drink and drive or so I thought? Often we go out for lunch and I have a drink before my meal and a glass of wine with my meal. I eat a three course meal and I would think there is a hour from when I have stopped drinking to driving my car. I have now found by using my Alcosense that because I live in France although okay to drive in the UK I am with their rules over the limit to drive. You can be stopped randomly. Scary really! To be done for drinking and driving must be devastating. If you had an accident and someone was killed or injured you would never forgive yourself. Even if just prosecuted to not be able to drive and then later not to be able to get insurance without costing a fortune. Plus the shame.A wake up call and no longer can I be in denial. On the plus side you can check yourself and be reassured and it is a fun gadget to use. It amuses my husband when he has drunk more than me that his level is much less than mine. I think it puts you in touch with your body and how your body processes alcohol. It appears to be accurate and can't comment on how well it does long term as have only had it a couple of weeks. It is now always in the car and just reminds me to never drive when over the limit of your country. A good idea for everyone. I have bought them as presents.