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AlcoSense NF Breathalyzer for France (Twin Pack)

Product Review (submitted on 1 June 2013):
Before you read further I have only anecdotely tested them. and I think they are calibrated to the French limit rather than UK limit.However you need to carry one for driving in France and to avoid the "Can I drive after this drink vs I cannot drive if I use the breathalyser" paradox, I thought I would be best getting two. Plus if you are travelling as a group in more than one vehicle, someone will forget and you can give them the spare.They are cheaper here than Halfords and will save you having to sell and organ to buy one on the ferry.On returning to the UK I decided to test them and used one after 3 pints of 4.8% bitter it gave a positive result. I tested the second the following morning, whilst I still fell squiffy. That also gave a positive reading.But in short you are best not drinking if you are driving, and waiting till you feel good and well the next day.