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AlcoSense NF Breathalyzer for France (Twin Pack)

Product Review (submitted on 5 June 2013):
This arrived within a couple of days, most fortunate for us as we booked a very-last-minute trip to France.However, I hope I never have to give a product review, as I hope we never get stopped by les agents de police. Not that we drink and drive, you understand! The main reason I chose this product from among all similar ones is that it is sold as being approved by the French police, and that there are two in the pack. You're supposed to have at least one, so if you get stopped by the police and have to do a breath test, you must have another spare to remain legal. (Although, French red tape being what it is, they have still not passed a law that says they can actually fine you for not having a breathalyser in the car! So you must carry at least one but if you don't, they can't fine you - do they give you a ticking off instead?!! That would certainly improve my French!)Will update if I ever have to use it. By the way, it does show an expiry date on the box, mine is April 2015.