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AlcoSense NF Breathalyzer for France (Twin Pack)

Product Review (submitted on 1 March 2013):
I lived in France until October of last year. The law became effective for all motorists to carry a kit from November 2012. It MUST have the NF compliance, many don't and totally useless for compliance. I know from experience it's not easy to find in France except at larger supermarkets. Best to avoid the high prices charged on cross channel ferries, IF they have not sold out! Buy at at a very reasonable price, like this product, before you go. Remember, the French limit for blood/alcohol level is HALF that of the UK. That's one small glass (125ml) of wine only! It's unlikely you'll be asked at the French port of entry because they are more interested in illegal immigrants, drugs and weapons BUT, the gendarmerie en route in France do spot checks,