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AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 24 December 2017):
This is a good wee gadget, and I'm very glad I bought it. To be honest (not many people seem to admit this), I wanted to find out whether I could drink a pint and still be safe - where we live is in the depths of the west of Ireland, and the pub is the only place people can meet - and the weather is almost always wet and windy! The pub is a mile away on a back road, and people do drink and drive.I learnt quite a bit from the breathalyser. First, that one pint of Guinness seems to keep me under the limit. Second, that two puts me on the edge. Three, it seems to be affected VERY much by how bulky the person is; a smaller, lighter person will be over the limit very quickly. And yeas: the reading increases for quite a while after having had a few drinks, regardless of how much one eats. It has made me MUCH more careful. And I know....shouldn't encourage drink-driving. But this gadget has made me much more thoughtful about that.I think that for next-morning drivers, especially professional drivers, it's an important piece of equipment, and I really recommend it. I could wish it had a slightly higher accuracy, but for 50£ what can a person expect? And as the booklet says, there are so many factors affecting what your alcohol level will be, for some hours after taking a drink that the accuracy is good enough to tell a person that consuming more than one would seem foolish (I know, don't drink anything - but people will...).The initial calibration, using a drop of 50-50 wine and water, is slightly fiddley, but not difficult.