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AlcoSense Lite Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 4 December 2017):
Whenever I am driving - I don't drink - it really is that simple - but on occasions where I may have a drink on an evening and then need to drive the next day, I wanted to be extra sure that I would never be in a situation where I could jeopardise myself or others by having alcohol in my system - so this offered the peace of mind to check for myself. Great price and delivery was quicker than expected - and it's so easy to use. After trying the unit when it arrived (it was the afternoon so there was no danger of there being any positive readings) it reported zero BAC as expected - and then on the evening at around 8pm I had a whisky and coke - and checked the unit at 9.30pm and I had a 0.2% BAC - below the legal drink drive limit but clearly registering a presence. Since then I have had great fun in trying the unit after various evenings out on the run up to Christmas (purely in the interests of science and research you understand!) and it is surprising just how few drinks can put you in the borderline safe / unsafe to drive category. This is a great unit - wholly portable (it reminds me of the old Nokia phones in terms of size and shape although much lighter in weight) so there really is no excuse - and it's a great gift that could potentially save someone's life. Dramatic but true! 10/10 Highly recommended!