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AlcoSense Elite 2 Breathalyzer (Multi Alert Level)

Product Review (submitted on 6 April 2018):
I heard about this product a few years ago when I started going back to the British Touring cars. Like most blokes I enjoy a couple of pints over the weekend and on my next day at work always thought I was ok to drive.. Well think again. This is not always the case. It takes varying times dependant on circumstances for the alcohol to leave your system. Just because you feel fine it doesn't mean you are fit to drive. I bought my unit as I had to drive further to work and come in to contact with a lot more Police. When I tested it out I was surprised that by the lunchtime after I had been drinking the evening before that I was being warned that I was not legal to drive. It was a big kick up the backside. The unit is so easy to use and set up. It's compact and well made. It tells you when you are safe to drive or how long it estimates you will be fit to. I have not had to use the customer service team so cannot say how good they are, however, I was lucky enough to have met the boss and his family at a BTCC weekend and if he runs his business like he and his family are in person then I have no concerns. The last 2 things i would say is if you are going to drive, dont drink. If you are concerned then buy one of these and dont leave it to chance. It could save your job, license, thousands of pounds and ultimately lives