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AlcoSense Excel Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 17 July 2018):
Cannot Recommend.I read several online reviews etc and decided this may be usefull as a "morning after" safety margin for me.The company say its "police spec" but they do an Ultra which the description says is 3 timers more accurate (and also in the questions the company claim is 4 times more accurate) - bu seems it just "adds a bit" to your measured level to guarantee accuracy - and 150 quid on top too.I am a big old lump and I like a drink... but this machine shows me as "fit to drive" at only 2 hours after a heavy drinking session (20 units over 4 hours)(thats 3/4 of a bottle of rum or 10 pints of beer). 7 hours is the minimum I would even consider to be capable of driving - 9 hours would leave me on the limit - at 1 unit per hour.It has done this 3 times in a row - so either I have 4 livers and the metabolism of a horse, or it is not accurate at all.... One of the (result - safe to drive) tests that I did in front of my wife, I was still drunk enough to be slightly slurring my words.Genuinely wish i had bought the £40 quid semi conductor version - and probably should have bought a 6 quid import or not bothered at all.