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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 30 September 2018):
Easy to use and results reflect how you feel, I have tried it on several occasions since purchasing when I have suspected that I would have been over the limit or have had a couple of drinks the night before and know it should say there is some levels in my system but should be under the limit if required to give a sample by a Traffic Officer...It also recommend a length of time until you will be completely sober for those who wish to know that info too...You cannot however breath in to the Device during your night of drinking or certainly soon after finishing a drinking session, as you could damage the device or it could give a false read, so it is no good for knowing if you are under directly after you have had a couple of drinks etcAll of this to be fair is explained and the logic behind it regarding the way the human body deals with processing alcohol, so that is not a limitation to the device but more a limitation about our bodies...Went for the middle of the range version, and it appears to work well when used correctly !