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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 27 July 2018):
Very simple to use. Slide the front panel up and insert a blow-tube, when "ready" appears blow into the tube - a display guides you while you blow as to whether you are blowing too hard or too soft. You don't need to blow for more than a few seconds before the reading is taken, and it's only a few seconds more to wait for the result. The reading gives a blood alcohol value as well as a simple "red - don't drive", "amber - below legal limit" and "green - low or no alcohol" indicator. You can change your geographical location in the settings to obtain the correct legal driving limit for where you are. These limits are kept current through downloadable software updates. The test result also gives an estimated "time until sober".As far as accuracy goes I have taken several readings so far and it seems to have tracked my alcohol level sensibly as it reduced over time, and also gave a correct "low-no alcohol" reading after having not consumed alcohol for a couple of days.Would recommend.