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AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Product Review (submitted on 9 July 2018):
After much research, the AlcoSense Pro was the one that ticked all tha boxes, not the cheapest but if its cheapness your after go for tha "single use ones". I wanted one that took the guesswork out and gave you a numbered reading from a calibrated unit and Britsh made too...which swung it for me. AlcoSense offer ongoing support with their products such as a yearly re-calibration service from the date you first use tha breathalyser which for me is service I will take up to keep the unit current and accurate.I used it for the first time at a festival for a safe guide to tha morning after...after drinking numerous bottles and shots (mainly JD). Following all the instructions I tested my self and a few of our friends leaving enough time between tests, the results were mixed as you would expect. I found it simple enough to use after realising the tube is fitted on an angle to help you see tha "blow guide" tip bar reading...I would say for me the tube could be a little longer to stop you squinting...but this does not in any way stop you using this breathalyser to its full potential and in my mind the Best I have tried and I have no hesitation in recommending and even endorsing this...In my opinion a fantastic product.