As a special thank you to existing AlcoSense customers we’re offering you the chance to upgrade to a higher specification model at a reduced price! You simply trade in your existing AlcoSense breathalyzer against another model and pay the difference. Your existing breathalyzer can be in any condition, working or not.

How much do I get for my old AlcoSense breathalyzer?

Each model of breathalyzer has a different value, depending on which model you want to trade it in against. Select the product you want to upgrade to from the list below, then use the drop down on the right of the product page to see how much the upgrade will cost.

How does it work?

We take back your old AlcoSense and give you a discount against a new one. If you wish to go ahead, complete the purchase online (products and pricing below) and you will be billed the discounted price. A confirmation email sent to you within 15 minutes. Pack you breathalyser in a padded envelope, including a copy of the confirmation email, then post it to us. Within 2 working days of receiving your old breathalyzer we'll send your new one to you! 

What do I need to send in part exchange?

Just your old breathalyzer with the batteries removed. It can be in any condition and doesn't even need to be working.  If you have any questions feel free to call us.


There are no products matching the selection.