AlcoSense Ultra Support

This page contains basic support information and FAQ’s for the AlcoSense Ultra. If for any reason your query is not answered below please do not hesitate to contact us


Troubleshooting and FAQ’s

I have got a positive reading but I haven’t drunk any alcohol.

This can be caused by testing within 10 minutes of eating some strong foods, using dental products, chewing gum or smoking. On some occasions it can also be caused by the body releasing acetone/keytones released during the metabolism of acetoacetic acid. This can be increased with the use of some prescribed medications or certain medical conditions, most commonly diabetes. A healthy body can also create these substances occasionally, it is more likely if you are on a low carbohydrate diet such as the Atkins diet or similar. If you experience this problem please call us.

I’m doing a breath test and I can’t get it to work.

This can be because you are blowing too hard, too soft or not for long enough into the mouthpiece. If you blow incorrectly, the unit will show you a tip explaining what’s gone wrong. If you still experience issues, please call us for assistance.

I’ve done two breath tests and got different results.

This is expected for several reasons. The first test is the most accurate, if you perform a second test within a few minutes of the first test the alcohol levels in your lungs may not have stabilised after the first test, causing the second test to give you a different reading. If you have recently drunk alcohol, your blood alcohol level can also change quickly over the course of a few minutes. UK law allows for a 15% difference in sequential readings as a result. This is why you should only use the breathalyser at least 90 minutes after drinking or ideally, the morning after.

Additionally, this is why you cannot use a human to test the accuracy of two different breathalysers back to back, you will also expect slightly different readings for the same reason. It can only be done using approved Breath Alcohol Simulators.

My unit says “Saturation Lockdown”.

This is caused by blowing in an abnormally high level of alcohol. It is normally caused by doing a breath test just after sipping an alcoholic drink and there is residual alcohol left in the mouth. This overloads the sensor and can make it read inaccurately for a period of time while the sensor recovers. For your safety the unit stops you from performing further tests until the sensor has recovered. After the period has expired your unit should work as usual again.

My unit says “Calibration Expired” or “Calibration Due”.

The 12 month calibration interval is about to or has expired. After this time readings may become unreliable. Please contact us to arrange re-calibration of the unit, or order a calibration online, our contact details can be found on the back cover of the manual.

I’ve done a lot of tests in quick succession and I’ve got a strange result.

This can be caused by a build-up of breath condensation in the breathalyser which sometimes cause temporary inaccuracy until it evaporates, this can affect any breathalyser, including Police breathalysers. To avoid this leave a minimum of 3 minutes between tests and do not perform more than 10 tests in one hour, and no more than 30 tests in 24 hours. Always use a new mouthpiece for each test. If you do experience this problem the condensation should evaporate within 2 hours at normal room temperature and the breathalyser will return to normal operation.

For any other queries please call us on 0800 195 0088 from inside the UK, or on +44 1628 778885 from outside the UK.

How to enter manual update mode

Please see below, our instructional video on how to enter manual update mode